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The “wonderful” Heathcare Plan – What’s Really In There

  Oh, yes, now we are finding out even more of what is in the new Government Health Care Plan that over 80% of the American People said they did not want! There is 1,017 PAGES in this insane bill … Continue reading

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Bill S 510 – a Monster Waiting To Pounce

  S510, called the "Food Safety Modernization Act", may very well be the most dangerous bill ever to be crafted in our congress. Were you unhappy with the gigantic bailout to the banking industry? Well, that was a puff of … Continue reading

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Statins Shown Useless – Big Shock!

Statin drugs are useless as a "preventive"  in children with lupus to keep them from developing atherosclerosis. Big Pharma’s agenda to further expand their market to our children as a supposed means to improve their adult health has hit a … Continue reading

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FDA Says Gulf Seafood SAFE??

Now here is  one for the " You Said What! " category. In a recent report released not even six months after the massive BP oil spill in the Gulf showed up in our new headlines, our very own U.S … Continue reading

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Bed Bugs Are A Returning Problem – What Can You DO?

  BED BUGS HAVE RETURNED IN FORCE IN MANY COMMUNITIES! Wow – Most people have never given much thought to having a problem with bed bugs. I know I haven’t. But the news has been filled lately with report after … Continue reading

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