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My Heart Attack – Part 4

Well, it has been a long time getting to this part. Sorry about that, I have keep meaning to write more but it just seemed that other things got in the way. But I finally decided that I really had … Continue reading

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Hey MOM – Those Christmas Cookies and Snacks May Be Harming Your Children and You

Well it is that time of year again when everyone goes all out with the gatherings, parties, family members coming in – and everyone celebrating the holidays. What could be better. But there is a hidden problem hiding in all … Continue reading

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At least some countries have sense when it comes to GMO Foods

It is certainly good to see that not all countries are a blind as we are in the U.S. when it comes to GMO foods. Germany has decided to ban the cultivation of genetically modified (GM) corn and saying that … Continue reading

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Big Propaganda Push ON – Now The Government Will “pay for” Your Flu Shot

  This is a new and different assalt on our freedom of choice. Since so many of us are opting to not get the flu vaccine this year, the government has come up with a different approach. For the very … Continue reading

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General Mills Cutting Cereal Sugar Content – Sounds Good BUT!

  Well, at least there is a small step in the right direction by one of the major food suppliers. Cereal giant General Mills, the producer of many of our kids favorite breakfast foods, has just recently announced that they … Continue reading

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