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TSA Scanners Are Worthless and Potentially Dangerous

  Supposedly, the scanners are "low-level" radiation scans – however, they scan the entire body from head to toe. This makes your total exposure a lot higher than when compared against say a chest x-ray – and even chest x-rays … Continue reading

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Big Pharma Drug Trials Shown To Be Scientifically Invalid

Finally there is real eye opening evidence that what many have felt for a long time is true. That Big Pharma’s drug testing and studies are not true, valid or factual. It is actually even a larger problem than was … Continue reading

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New USDA Food Guidelines Are Woefully Inadequate

  With the spreading of MRSA and other superbugs throughout our health care faculties and now even into our local communities, it has never been more important for all of us to try and maintain a good, healthy diet to … Continue reading

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“Stupid Pills” – The order of the day for Climate Change Scientists

Now this is really gotten out of hand. It seems that "leading scientists" in papers published by the United Kingdom’s Royal Society, have called for the implementation of World War II style rationing in First World countries! And just why … Continue reading

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Newly Deregulated GMO Corn – A Disaster In The Making!

In a further move away from rational thinking and consideration for consequences, The USDA Secretary, Tom Vilsack, has just announced the total deregulation of genetically engineered corn used for ethanol production – bio-fuel. Frankly, my personal opinion is that the … Continue reading

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