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New Gene Makes Bacteria Resistant To Drugs Can Be Easily Passed To Other Bacteria

As if things were not bad enough with bacteria mutating left and right and becoming more and more resistant to our available antibiotics, now there is a newly discovered GENE that makes any bacteria resistant to nearly every known antibiotic … Continue reading

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CRKP A New Even Deadlier Drug Resistant Bug

Yes, that is correct. There is a NEW superbug on the block that makes MRSA look relatively tame by comparison. MRSA has been increasing in both our health care centers and even in our everyday communities and it can be … Continue reading

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Radiation Protection With Natural Methods

The ongoing mess with the reactors in Japan is something the entire world is going to have to deal with for a very long time. Of the most concern is the radiation that will come across the ocean and land … Continue reading

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Deep Penetrating X-ray Body Scanners with A Huge Health Risk Comming To Your Nearest Ariport

With the current controversy over the backscatter and millimeter-wave naked body scanners we now have at our airports, you would think that the program might slow down and take a harder look at what the long term effects could be … Continue reading

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Obama thinks your “freedom of speech” violates government workers rights.

The Obama administration seems to have a selective idea of just what "freedom of speech" and "personal rights" actually means in America. This has implications for all of us in being able to make our health choices and decide for … Continue reading

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