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Obama Is Working “Under The Radar” To Attack Our Second Amendment

  There was a little noticed quote found in the Washington Post early this month that has been given virtually NO media attention. Obama spoke to gun control advocate Sarah Brady and apparently told her that his administration is working … Continue reading

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Your Health Choices will be Affected by the Declining U.S. Dollar

Most Americans have a very hard time thinking that the U.S. dollar could someday be a second or third class currency, and they do not realize that this transition is already underway. This is going to affect your health choices … Continue reading

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California’s New Vaccine Law May Stop Kids Attending

We have had one of the worst whooping cough epidemics our country in the last half a century. In response to this, the state of California has passed AB 354 making whooping cough vaccinations mandatory for both public and private … Continue reading

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Obama Birth Certificate Likely FAKE – Should Obama Be Impeached?

There is a new furor over the just released Obama birth certificate. The sides are already forming and people are getting ready to battle and defend their opinions. There are so many very odd things about the certificate acording to … Continue reading

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FDA Raids Nutraceutical Manufacture Demonstrating They Think They are Outside the Rule of Law

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has once again acted completely outside of the law and is obviously bent on destroying both the business and livelihood of people in the natural medicine field and that would include those products … Continue reading

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