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New Study Finding Superbugs Like MRSA Being Spread By Cancer Screenings

    The specter of the BIG C is something we all have on our minds. It seems as if there is no one that is not touched by its influence because we have a family member or someone we … Continue reading

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Sunlight Can Help Prevent Skin Cancer Study Finds

    Skin Cancer is one thing that is always on everyone’s mind during the hot summer days when it just begs you to be outside by the pool or at the lake taking in the air, sun and fun. … Continue reading

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Government says Economic Crisis Over – Did You Miss These Things?

    No one needs to tell you that you have a lot less money in your pocket today than 5 years ago (even 1 year ago) or that everything is costing a lot more than it used to. Want … Continue reading

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Situation Much Worse – Fukushima Reactors “have melted” – Giant Super Typhoon On The Way!

  Well it was just a matter of time. The Tokyo Electric Power Company has finally been forced to admit that three reactors at the Fukushima Nuclear power facility have all melted down. And that they did so shortly after … Continue reading

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Science Backed Health Studies Not Good Enough For FTC – They Want To Stop Company’s Using The Findings – Putting Us All at RISK!

    This is and has been an on-going battle, but the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has upped the ante and we are all at risk of losing some of the products and even services we depend on to … Continue reading

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