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Good Idea Says Clinton – An Orwellian “Ministry of Truth”

    As is the case with most diabolical things, this one sounds so plausible and maybe even reasonable. An idea wrapped in supposed good intentions and of course fairness – an internet "ministry of truth" to be run either … Continue reading

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Arsenic Laiden Chicken Meat Is No Problem To Eat FDA Has Said For 60 Years!

    Finally the FDA has admitted what they have tried very hard to ignore for many years – Chicken Meat sold in the USA contains arsenic. Arsenic is a cancer-causing toxic chemical that is fatal if you get a … Continue reading

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Milk Contaminated By Radiation Also Our Food – We Need To Naturally Protect Ourselves

    Reports are coming in that milk is showing elevated levels of radiation, in some cases as much as 400 to 2400 times the recognized safe levels. This is a worry to all of us as it shows what … Continue reading

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Sprouts Aren’t The Cause Of E-Coli Outbreak After All – Opps Germany Says!

    Oh my aching sides – this circus just keeps getting better and better. It would be the joke of the decade if it were not so serious and people were dying and the farmers of the EU were … Continue reading

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Forensic Evidence Shows European E-Coli Superbug Likely Bioengineered

  New evidence has come to light that the superbug strain of E-Coli making its way across the EU and leaving a trail of sick and dead, was a laboratory creation. Yet no one is talking about this in the … Continue reading

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