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My Dog Won’t Stop Itching He Has A Rash All Over

  My Dog won’t stop itching he has a rash all over – is a question we received from a reader. They were asking for some help with their pet’s problem or any suggestions that we might have that could … Continue reading

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Crop Failures Linked To Deadly New Plant Disease – This Has Consequences for US

    There has been an uptick in crop failures and spontaneous animal miscarriages that seems to be linked to a deadly new plant disease as reported by Emeritus Professor Don Huber from Purdue University in Indiana. He further states … Continue reading

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Newly Discovered Gonorrhea Superbug Is Resistant to ALL ANTIBIOTICS – But Nature Has The Answer

  Superbugs of all types are showing up more and more in our world mostly due to the overuse of antibiotics by the medical community. A brand new strain of superbug has been found that is resistant to EVERY ANTIBIOTIC. … Continue reading

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