My Heart Attack – Part 1

Heart Attack and Treatment After With Natural Alternatives That Work Better Than Meds


This is a story about my heart attack journey which is still on-going. I am going to relate what happen to me, and what the medical community wanted me to do and what I am doing instead.

This is what I have decided to do for myself and I am not recommending that anyone else do the same. Each person has to decide for themselves what course of action and treatments will be the best for them and that choice is yours to make.

For legal reasons, I have to say that I am not a doctor or a health professional although I have a bit of experience with natural products and methods as I have used many over the years. This article and information contained in the article is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease and you are urged to see your health professional prior to taking any product mentioned or treatment discussed here.

That said, there will be a number of articles that will cover what has happened to me so far, and future articles that will update everyone on what is happening as I make my journey back to being healthy once again.

My hope is that my journey will be able to help someone else to avoid what happened to me at best or to at least give someone "options" to consider when deciding on the treatment they want to undergo.


A Heart Attack

First, let me say that I was 60 years old when "IT" happened. And IT happened on October 31, 2009.

I had always taken a number of health products over the years and felt I was in moderately decent shape.

But I was completely wrong on that and looking back I can see that there were some warning signs that I just did not recognize as a potential problem. And looking back, I realize I could have done a lot more for myself and possible avoided this incident altogether – I will never know for sure.

I suppose I am like many others. Over the years I became less active ( although I was never one to do a lot in that area ) and tended to do a lot more sitting whether at my computer desk or just watching the tube.

And I have to admit that my diet was not always the best. I did try to have a varied one, as much as I could, but really did not have a lot of fresh fruit and veggies which I knew I should have BUT —- well you know how that one goes. And the fact that I am single and living by myself did not help. It is hard to cook well for just one. At least it is for me and I tend to make a meal as if for a family and then freeze the overflow to use later. It works well and I don’t mind eating the same things for a few days at a time.

So, I was living a bit in a state of denial as to how healthy I really was. And I was thinking that the different health items I was taking was going to take care of any problems that I might have. Once again, that was not entirely the case although I am certain that they helped.

Looking back, I can see that I did not pay attention to warning signs that did occur in the last couple of years.

I would get a bit short of breath sometimes, but it did not last very long and I ignored it.

I would feel a "tightness" in my chest, no pain, and sometimes I would take one of my health items and it would take away that tightness for a while.

What should have given me a clue that it was more serious was the fact that I was using a cleation heart product to help clean out my arteries, but, and this is important, I DID NOT follow the protocol at all and only used it occasionally – mostly when I felt the tightness in my chest.

You might ask why I did that, the simple answer is that I did not have the money to do the program as it should have been done and it was not enough of a priority to me to make that happen.

That I should have made it happen and done the program is without a doubt now – and it may very well have prevented the heart attack that I did have – I will never know for sure.

But I can tell you that you may want to think long and hard about your choices – they just might put you 6 feet under.

Now I will say that I am convinced that I made it through my heart attack because I was taking Alligin and other vitamins and health items.

The Alligin helps to thin the blood and unclump the blood cells and to oxygenate the blood too. All of which I believe allowed me to make it into the ER with a 99% + blocked artery which I found out later during my angoplasty. In fact it may have been 100% on the way to the ER, since I ended up with a fair amount of heart damage and it was quite a while before I got any type of treatment.

If I had realized what was happening, I could have taken more Alligin, added in a couple of aspirin and might have helped reduce the damage that was done to my heart

I live out in the boonies – that is on 7 miles of unmaintained road and a trip to town is about 40 min. one way the fastest you can go. This is my choice and I still would not trade it for in-town living. When you can stand in the yard and hear the swish of the wings of a blackbird as it flies over you, well it doesn’t get better than that.

But the downside is when something happens like my heart attack. At the time I did not know that was what it was, I just knew I did not feel good.

So, here is what happened to me.

I was sitting at my desk working on my computer when all of a sudden I felt really wierd. I can’t even describe it very well, but I had never felt that way before in my life. So, I turned off the computer and started to lie down to see if that would help the way I felt.

After just a couple of minutes, I felt I should be doing more about this. Now I live about 2 miles to my closest neighbor, so I got in my car and drove over there as I did not think I should try to make it into town. My neighbor was playing cards at the time with a few friends, but dropped everything and drove me into town to the hospital. Well, almost, as we were going in, I did not feel any better and he called 911 to tell them we were on route and speeding and to notify the sheriff so as not to get stopped. They suggested we meet the ambulance and that is what we did at the edge of town.

Once I was loaded into the ambulance, they checked me over and talked to the hospital and determined that I was in process of having a heart attack and began administering fluids and drugs to me in route.

About 15 minutes later we were at the hospital and I was being wheeled into the ER where a bunch of people started hooking me up to various monitors and such. They took a EEG and explained that they wanted to give me a "clot buster" to which I agreed.

They did that, drew blood, gave me more meds and we waited. This whole time I was awake and alert, not in any pain, having a bit of trouble breathing, but was ok at the moment.

I really don’t know how long it was, but I guess they finally got me "stabilized" and told me I was going to be taken to the big city and a heart hospital as they were not equipped to handle what was happening to me.

Next thing I know I am being taken out the door to a waiting helicopter and loaded into it. Now I have to say that it was not even close to being comfortable – the only saving grace was that it would only take about 30 minutes to reach the hospital as opposed to around 3 hours plus if going by ambulance and that would be if they exceeded the speed limit all the way.

My ears were plugged against the noise and it was really noisy, I was barely warm enough with the heater going full out, but the view was great and helped take my mind off of my discomfort and what was happening to me. We arrived at the hospital rather quickly it seemed and I was wheeled into their ER area and the fun really began.

 End of Part 1of My Heart Attack

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