About Our Site

This site was created in order to provide information gathered from the most current basic science, physiology, nutritional, functional and medical literature available on Natural Healing, Alternative Health Care, Holistic Health Care and Complementary Health Care – this will be the primary focus most of the time.

In addition we will also focus on other areas that can help to improve our lives, make our lives work better, deal with challenges, manage our time, increase our general knowledge and just simply help us to live the best lives we can. We will try to provide insight into areas that few others will cover in the hope that our readers will be able to use what is presented to their betterment.

We wish to educate our reader and stimulate their curiosity with a wide variety of information generally not produced by or found in the mainstream media venues.

We believe that this hard to find information will not only benefit our everyday lives, but will provide enough background to give our readers a way of going beneath the ‘headlines’ and developing their own perspectives of what is sound, useful and practical information.

We will explore natural therapies for both the prevention and cure of common ailments and attempt to separate the "hype" foisted on us by both "Conventional and sometimes even "Alternative" Medicine. Today, far too often, we are exposed to a huge barrage of reports and studies that are seemingly contradictory to each other and end up leaving us feeling more confused and mostly overwhelmed and unable to sort out what was presented so that it makes any meaningful sense. This new information floods in from around the world through many channels and hopefully we can sift through what is presented and help you gain some understanding of it all.

With the tools of modern science today, we are able to gain new insight into the natural world all around us. More and more new research is proving to us with solid evidence that much of the "old ways" of doing things that were discarded when "modern medical practices" became the norm, are in many ways far superior to our so-called conventional  medical wisdom. This "new but old perspective" can and does broaden the range of available protocols to keep our body vital and healthy. As our knowledge of the natural world has expanded under this "new research",  scientists and medical professionals are coming to realize that much of the misery experienced by mankind can be directly related to the use of  modern science and it’s "artificial" mechanisms.

The on-going and constant growth of "natural" foods and "alternative" medicine being used by consumers in our country and around the world, is a convincing sign that people are slowly rejecting much of conventional medicine that has been promoted so heavily during the latter half of this century.

When we find something that "works" in the real world, we will unabashedly tell you to go buy it and provide a way to do that if possible. Why? Because when a natural alternative has demonstrated its effectiveness, then that product needs to be both supported and promoted. By doing so we hope to bring the benefits to a large number of people and with their help and interest attempt to keep that product in the marketplace and not end up under the heels of a government agency who claims that they have the public interest in mind, but attempt to remove from the marketplace what really works and works generally far better than any pharmaceutical drug.

We do support some regulation to help standardize herbal products. At least that way you will know just how much you are getting and paying for in your product. But we are adamantly opposed to what is being attempted today – the complete control of all herbal items by the pharmaceutical industry which will result in you having to go to the doctor for a prescription to take Vit C AND the potencies will be so low as to be virtually useless. Make no mistake, this is in the works and may still find its way into law despite the best efforts of a great many diverse and caring people.

We want to thank you, our reader, for visiting us and hope that in some small way we have served you and helped to make your day a bit simpler and happier.