Anti-bacterial Hand Soap Creating Dioxins and Increasing Our Chances Of a MRSA Infection

Anti-bacterial Soap is creating dioxins in our water, food supply and it goes into US!Once again the chemical industry has played on peoples fears and ignorance of how nature actually works in promoting the use of antibacterial hand soap as the answer to not getting sick. But it now seems that the very use of these antibacterial soaps is creating a huge problem!

Now I am all for washing your hands and being preventive as much as possible, but I thought that the antibacterial hand soaps were not a good choice first heard about them being promoted.

As it turns out my gut feeling was more than correct and it is far worse than I thought.

My first concern was that by constantly using these hand soaps (that only kill off mostly the most non-harmful bacterial by the way) it was only going to promote the creating of more resistant bugs which might be a problem.

Remember that all the soap ads say something like – kills up to 99% of all bacteria. Well, it is the 1% that they don’t kill that you need to be concerned about, the other 99% are common bacteria and actually HELP PROTECT you from being invaded by something you really don’t want to catch. But they don’t mention that little fact in the ad now do they.

But recently I have come across some new information that makes this much worse than I ever thought it could be.

There are two toxins found in most antibacterial hand soaps called triclocarban (TCC) and triciosan.

These are two chemicals that are not at all nice to the environment and the species that live in it including US.

Studies have shown that these chemicals disrupt hormones, likely cause cancer and promote the growth of super-bugs that are drug resistant.

That means MRSA, CAMRSA, and CRKP plus others!

So, by using hand soaps in an effort to NOT get infected, we are creating a situation that is making it more likely to be infected. And the chemical industry and household products industry are making a bundle.

Even the American Chemical Society is concerned as they sounded yet another warning about the clear danger concerning the antibacterial ingredient TCC at their national meeting in Anaheim, California. They were specifically talking about the aquatic ecosystem – that is fresh and seawater fish, crabs etc.

They said that for the first time, scientists actually have evidence that this endocrine system disrupter is now accumulating in fish. Even though the levels of this contaminate are low in the water, the levels bio-accumulate to much higher levels in the tissues of the fish. This is just the same as the mercury contamination we all know about in tuna.

The TCC is coming out of our sewage treatment plants and flowing into the lakes and streams and eventually into the ocean. Our water treatment plants break down some of it but not all and what is left  goes into our waterways.

And make no mistake, this is a MAJOR finding and especially for them to come out with a warning.

Their researchers found that TCC has a "strong" tendency to bioaccumulate in fish – this means that the toxin is taken in by the fish much faster than their bodies can break it down and eliminate it. Because of this inability of their bodies to process it quickly, what would be considered to be a harmless amount in the water (and that is open to debate) builds up to a toxic amount in their tissues and then we eat it!

Study leader Ida Flores of the University of California-Davis said in a press release "Due to its widespread usage, TCC is present in small amounts in 60 percent of all rivers and streams in the United States. Fish are commonly exposed to TCC, even though much of it is eliminated by wastewater treatment plants."

Now she downplayed the fact that fish being loaded with TCC has much of anything to do with human health because the human body can quickly break down or metabolize TCC which is then excreted. Good for us.

But there is little study done on what happens when we take in this TCC and it breaks down into other substances – what exactly happens then and what effect could that have? A big question no one is looking at presently.

Interestingly, Flores noted that unmetabolized compounds, such as dioxins can’t be excreted from the human body and so are dangerous to we humans. We are exposed to dioxins from the environment and the food chain especially with dairy products, meat, fish and shellfish.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that dioxin exposure can cause reproductive and developmental problems, damage the immune system and likely may cause cancer.

A fact that Dr. Flores did not mention is that other investigators have uncovered a critical connection between ant-bacterial soap chemicals and dioxins.

University of Minnesota civil engineering professor William Arnold and his colleague, Kristopher McNeill, Have published their findings that TCC-related triosan, WHEN EXPOSED TO SUNLIGHT,  generates dioxins!

Their findings have been confirmed by other researchers from the University of Minnesota’s Institute of Technology, Pace Analytical, the Science Museum of Minnesota and Virginia Tech.

This is just another bullet firing at our immune system and our bodies and making us just that much more susceptible to the ever increasing presence of MRSA, CAMRSA and CRKP in our communities. That all of these are on the rise is plain and we all must be aware of and take whatever actions we can to help prevent an infection.

Do wash your hands, but don’t use the anti-bacterial soaps – rather use just plain old soap and water – it is more effective and it also does a better job of washing away that 1% of bacterial you don’t want that the anti-bacterial soaps don’t touch.

Also, it leaves the good bacterial on our skin alone and that is a major help in fending off the bad bacteria we want no part of.

Keep yourself as healthy as possible, eat right, get plenty of rest, drink good non-fluoridated water, take supplements that support your bodies needs, such as vitamins and minerals, pro-biotics, and most importantly take supplements that support and work with your immune system.

A daily dose of Dr. Josling’s Alligin may be just what you need. Check it out.

Understanding, being pro-active, and not giving in to fear is the best defense we can have.

Dr. Josling's Allicin Center

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