Asthma Description
Widespread narrowing of the bronchial airways, which can change in severity over short periods of time. Caused by a wide range of allergens in the air, but aggravated by exertion, infection or stressful emotion.

The incidence of asthma is reaching almost epidemic levels. Not only are the death rates increasing but there appears to be no respite as we consistently challenge our body with poor diet, environmental toxins, excessive use of drugs and the threat from bacterial attack.

It is also well known that simple infections like the common cold, coughs and sore throats can trigger an attack.

Also possible is an asthma allergy attack triggered by an allergic reaction  to polution in the air. As our cities air quality worsens, this is becoming almost the norm in some areas.

Asthma Symptoms
Symptoms of asthma, during an asthma attack, can include coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath and chest pain, tightness or pressure.

Not everyone has these symptoms. You may have different symptoms and they may vary from one asthma attack to another. This is especially true with asthma in children.

Depending on the person, symptoms can vary widely from something daily to only occasional difficulties. It is important to know yourself and what happens with your individual attacks.

Being aware of warning signs can help you to minimize or even prevent an attack from happening.

Look for these potential signs and take action:

  • Frequent coughing especially at night

  • losing your breath or having shortness of breath

  • Feeling weak or tired during or after exercise

  • Wheezing, coughing fits during or after exercise

  • Being grouchy or moody, easily upset

  • Signs of a cold or allergies that appear

  • Problems sleeping.


Asthma Treatment Options
There are many different types of drugs available to treat asthma symptoms and they can be very effective. Keeping in mind that all manufactured drugs have a number of side effects, which have to be measured on an individual basis against the potential benefit the drug does, nevertheless they can play a critical role in treating asthma.

These drugs are usually classed as steroids, anti-inflammatory or bronchodilators. Their use ranges from an asthma inhaler inhalers to home breathing treatments to treatments done only in a hospital setting.

There are a number of more natural substances and procedures that some have found to be helpful for certain asthma suffers. Things like Caffeine, Choline, Fish Oil, Magnesium, and garlic.

There is no stand out item among the list other than garlic.

What Actually Works
The many available drugs do work and work pretty well in most cases. It is always a good idea to minimize the amount of medications that you use to reduce the frequency and severity of possible side effects that all drugs have.

While there is no herb that directly helps with asthma, several can aid in helping in other ways that can be important.

The most useful of these is garlic.

Alligin may not help directly in addressing asthma symptoms,  but because it can help prevent and even get rid of colds, sore throats and many infections, it can have a very beneficial result in reducing both the number of attacks and their severity.

This is especially true in the case of bronchial asthma, and it can help in stopping any additional infection that will only make matters much worse.

Asthma Treatment Regimen
Take 1 to 4 Alligin powder capsules or about 800 mg every day and double this dose at times when you can predict an asthma attack coming on.


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