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Crop Failures Linked To Deadly New Plant Disease – This Has Consequences for US

    There has been an uptick in crop failures and spontaneous animal miscarriages that seems to be linked to a deadly new plant disease as reported by Emeritus Professor Don Huber from Purdue University in Indiana. He further states … Continue reading

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Newly Discovered Gonorrhea Superbug Is Resistant to ALL ANTIBIOTICS – But Nature Has The Answer

  Superbugs of all types are showing up more and more in our world mostly due to the overuse of antibiotics by the medical community. A brand new strain of superbug has been found that is resistant to EVERY ANTIBIOTIC. … Continue reading

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Sprouts Aren’t The Cause Of E-Coli Outbreak After All – Opps Germany Says!

    Oh my aching sides – this circus just keeps getting better and better. It would be the joke of the decade if it were not so serious and people were dying and the farmers of the EU were … Continue reading

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