Bad Cholesterol Or Diabetes? Study Says Grapefruit Can Help!


Grapefruit compound may help with Bad Cholesterol and Diabetes


A new discovery by Israeli Scientists may have discovered a new effectie way to be able to treat high colesterol and diabetes naturally. Adding this to the already known benifits that a stabilized garlic extract may be just what is needed to help put these two pervasive diseases to rest.

The scientists discovered that naringenin, the molecule in the grapefruit that gives that bitter taste appears to be able to help treat ateriosclerosis, hyper-metabolism, and even diabetes.

Dr. Yaakov nahmias at the Benin School of Engineering and Computer Science at Hebrew University and his colleagues conducted this new study and it has been reciently publishce in the journal PLoS One. In the article he explains that when a highly-bioavailable "nano-complex" of the grapefruit naringenin is taken just before a meal that has a high sugar and fat content, it can reduce the development of bad cholesterol in your body by roughly 42 Percent and increase insulin sensitivity by 64 Percent.

Since their findings showed that the natrual form of naringenin was not very easily absorbed by our body, they develop what they say is an improved version of the compound. It is now surrounded by a ring of sugar called cyclodextrin and it is 11 times more bioavailable than the naringenin that is in the actual grapefruit.

Dr. Nahmias said:

"The complex is special in that it is taken just before a meal, as a preventative measure. In comparison, existing medicatioins are given only after the chronic development of abnormal lipid levels in the blood."

But don’t wave the banner just yet. There are some questions that need to be answered before this is rolled out.

The development of the new naringenin supplement involves using a type of nanotechnology, it is not yet clear if this modified version poses any health threat to us. Some nano-type supplements have been safely and effectively used as natural remedies with colloidal silver being one of the most well known. But there are many others that have not been tested including this new compound and further studies will be needed to form a solid conclusion as to their safety.

This looks promising and hopefully there will be a lot more investigation into this to determine its safety and effectiveness.

In the meantime, stabilized allicin in Dr. Josling’s products, has been well documented and proven to be benificial for many and you can find out more in his e-book and at Dr. Josling’s web site.

Let’s hope that this new compound proves out to be good – I’m keeping my fingers crossed.




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