Bentonite Clay Can Help With Radiation Exposure

Bentonite Clay can help with radiation exposure

Everyone is looking for as much help as possible with the reactor disaster in Japan.

There are various ways to naturally help your body deal with this onslaught of increased and increasing radiation that is now in our environment and unless something drastic changes, looks to be here for a long time to come.

One item that was not mentioned in some of the other posts on this subject, is talking about the amazing properties of bentonite clay.

This is something you should defiantly have around in your "must have items" box as it can be of enormous help.

What is horrible, in my opinion, is that our own U.S. Government is silent on just how much radiation we are receiving, saying actively through major news media that it is OK, we have nothing to worry about, increased radiation exposure is good for us.

You may think that this is a joke, and I wish that it was the case, but this is as real as it gets people. Our own government is going to increase the amount of  " allowable radiation exposure levels" by 1,000′s and even 10,000 times!

What sort of insanity has taken over the very officials that we have entrusted to watch over us. Apparently, most of them would now qualify as a full resident at Belview.

Absolutely no one that has even a tiny bit of common sense would think that it is OK to just go and raise the accepted amount of radiation exposure by such ridiculous amounts. Does this make any sense to anyone? Please enlighten me if you think this is just fine and kindly explain your reasoning.

Where is the science to back this up? Who in the scientific community is ascribing to this new standard? Our government is silent on this, they just announce that they are going to raise the levels and then they do. So, now it is ok just because they have said so.

Well, I personally don’t think it is ok in any manner at all. But since I can not do anything to change what they are doing other than letting my representatives know how displeased I am, the only thing I and most of us can do is become as informed as possible as to what we can do to help ourselves.

Ok, guess I got a bit long-winded, but it really makes me furious about all of this.

So, on to the topic at hand.

It turns out that Bentonite, a natural mineral-rich clay, has been use around the world for centuries to draw toxins out of the body through the colon and allow the body to eliminate them easily.

Well, it seems that Bentonite is also a very good absorber of radiation from nuclear fallout as it absorbs any kind of radiation and then the body can eliminate it when it is excreted.

Now that is VERY GOOD NEWS for all of us.

Nature has surely made something special to help us battle pollution. It is often referred to as a "green healing clay". And it is naturally created from the combination of volcanic ash minerals (called montmorillonite) and simple ocean water. It is loaded with many different minerals depending on just where it was formed and can contain potassium, calcium, and sodium among others. When the clay gets wet and expands much like a sponge.

But the way that bentonite clay works to absorb toxins is different than the way a sponge absorbs water. The process in the bentonite is called " adsorption". Notice the "d" rather than a "b" and it works because the clay carries both a positive and negative electrical charge. This then allows it to attract and hold toxins as they get attracted to the clay and then bond to the chemicals in the clay and then get trapped in the small spaces the clay creates when it is wet. Now the body can simply pass this out of itself and the toxins go right along with the clay.

What a wonderful and elegant solution our universe has provided for us. It never ceases to amaze me how great nature really is in what it can do.

This same process works with radioactive ions and has been proven scientifically. You can research this on the net if you want. There is a lot of info on this.

So, besides the traditional uses of the clay to detoxify the digestive system, eliminate intestinal parasites, strengthen the immune system, and fight free radicals, help remove heavy metals from the body, and assist the liver to detox, we can now add the removal of radioactive particles from us.

I am getting some for myself, and I hope you will do the same. Do check out some of the other things you can do from some of the other articles we have here. Just click on the category of "radiation" to see the others.


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