Big Propaganda Push ON – Now The Government Will “pay for” Your Flu Shot

 Don't let the Government dictate what you need for your health even if they willl pay for it - choose a natural approach instead.

This is a new and different assalt on our freedom of choice. Since so many of us are opting to not get the flu vaccine this year, the government has come up with a different approach.

For the very first time EVER, this year under the changed U.S. law, all private insurers and Medicare will be "required" to cover the FULL COST of our annual seasonal influenza vaccination. Also there will be no co-pays or any deductibles allowed! Additionally, children who fall under the uninsured category will also be covered for free.

When has anything like this ever been done before – the answer is NEVER. Now the question is just why this huge push to try and get everyone to climb on the bandwagon and run out and get their flu shot.

Last year’s scare with the H1N1 swine flu bug caused delays and large shortages of the flu vaccine, but this year that problem has been solved big time. Currently, vaccine manufactures have produced 165 million doses for use just in the U.S. That is over half of our entire population and they are still going full out producing more.

The official recommendation by our government is to give a flu vaccination to anyone over the age of just six months.

Really? You actually recommend a young baby of six months should receive a vaccine that has already proven to be harmful and even deadly to a large nuber of people and with the immune system of the baby nowhere nearly developed, you want to slam it with the flu vaccine? Just where is commonsense in any of this?

So far about 30 million doses of the flu vaccine are already on the shelves of retailers. You can not go into hardly any store without seeing something promoting and telling you to go get your needed flu shot – at least it is around here. There is even a new "high-dose vaccine" for those over the age of 65, but they have never been used before – and if you "need" a larger dose to be effective – what does that say about the actual results from the single dose you could expect?

Now think about that for a second. Even saying that the elderly have a weaker immune system (which is not necessarily the case), you are now saying that because the single dose vaccine has shown such poor effectiveness, you now need to have a quadruple dose flu vaccine to even be effective – meaning a times 4 dose of all the bad parts in the vaccine too!

Yet we are supposed to buy into what you say and take it on face value that we really need to have this swine flu – seasonal flu – annual vaccine to protect ourselves?

Now if you really do buy into this propaganda, I would very much like to talk to you about some great swamp land you are going to love.

Just joking, but seriously can anyone with any sort of critical thinking actually accept this premise? I would hope that they would not.

The need for this flu vaccine is promoted by saying that over 60 percent of our population is at serious risk  to the H1N1 virus.

This despite the fact that much evidence suggests that vaccines do not really reduce death rates in the elderly or the general population. Some studies even say that there is no benefit to getting a flu shot and that you actually have an "increased risk" of contracting the swine flu IF you do get a flu shot.

How fun it that – you get the flu shot to protect you and it help you to get the very thing you are trying to avoid in the first place!

The worst part of this is that most of the vaccines for the flu (and most other too) contain an ingreedient called "thimersal" which is a mercury derivative.

This is a strong neurotoxin that supposedly makes the vaccine more effective. Oh, and did you know that there has been a 4 fold increase in the amount of thimersal in the flu vaccine according to some analysis.

This mercury derivative has come under more scrutiny in the last few years and many scientists have begun to investigate the possible correlation between mercury exposure in early childhood and the increasing rise of autism in our kids.

Well, the natural community has been raising a warning about this very fact for a number of years and mostly it fell on deaf ears in the science community. At least that is somewhat changing.

But all of this is so unnecessary as there is really no need for anyone to take a flu shot at all.

I hope you will really give this some thought as how would you feel having your kids get a flu shot and then be affected for the rest of their life with a neurological disorder that just happened to show up afterward – but of course there is no correlation to the flu vaccine.

There are ways to boost your immune system with readily available herbal supplements and vitamins – and to help keep yourself healthy by consuming plenty of good  fresh fruits and vegetables.

Another great help is the addition of  Vitamin D. Despite the attempt by the government to play down its importance, there are far too many studies that show just the opposite. Having a low level of Vitamin D in our bodies leaves us much more susceptible to infections including the flu.

One of the very best ways I have found to help keep your immune system strong and to directly attack invading bad guys is to use a stabilized form of garlic daily.

I can tell you that I have NOT had any flu or even a cold since I started taking the garlic supplement and I could not be happier about that.

I also add in all the traditional supplements like C, E, B group, calcium, potassium, and super-food nutrients. In fact I would not be without them ever.

The best source I have found for the stabilized garlic and the superfood is from Dr. Joslings garlic center with their product Alligin. I highly recommend them and think that his are the very best products.

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