Bin Laden Killing Neccesitates Security Everywhere Now – Even In Churches


What we have to look forward to - a Total Police State - if we allow our government to continue to keep us "safe" from terror.

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Well, here we have it, our Government finally showing just how totally corrupt, idiotic and completely power mad they are.

It seems that the killing ( MURDER) of Bin Laden is now going to result in more terrorism attacks and of course they will be directed to "smaller targets" like your local grocery store.

It this was not so horrific, I would be falling off my chair laughing. This is such a joke that there are no words for this.

The government "counter terrorism" experts and other "security" experts who are now claiming this are a bunch of moronic idiots and they need to be seriously looked at and committed – they are the danger to us not some nameless terrorists.

For the last 10 YEARS we and most of the western world have supposedly been searching for this scourge against humanity – Osama Bin Laden. Now that he has allegedly been killed, we all can now expect a huge backlash and all sorts of attacks.

Well, if the terrorists were so bent on causing us harm, then where are the attacks for the last 10 years? They certainly have had plenty of time and this country is pretty big and open  – always has been.  They supposedly pulled off the 9/11 event, surely they could do something else in 10 years.

 There is NO security apparatus anywhere on the planet that could prevent all attacks from a large or even small group of determined individuals like the Al Quada have been presented to be for the last 10 years. It simply is not possible. Look at Israel, they have had very tight security since forever and they still have attacks that occur. And Israel is a much smaller country than America is by far.

Because of Bin Laden’s death, we can now expect smaller attacks. Really? Well,  that means there must be an awful lot of these terrorists running around our country waiting to do us in at the local supermarket or even at our local church. Oh, and don’t forget, they have been waiting for 10 YEARS for the right moment. Does not matter that they have stated that their sole purpose is the destruction of America and everyone in it, and so I guess waiting is ok with them.

So, the fact that this country has been pursuing Bin Laden and all of Al Quada for ten years has not been enough to get the terrorists to do anything. And all of a sudden Bin Laden’s  death is going to set them off on a rampage against the western world and mostly the USA?


Apparently our government thinks that the American Public are a bunch of brain-dead, blithering morons and we will swallow this drivel hook, line and sinker.

Lets look at this a little shall we. Now this is my opinion and I don’t pretend to have all the answers or even a few, but this just smells like week old fish to me.

First we go into a another country without their permission or knowledge with armed special forces. Oh and these special forces are even "more special" than the regular ones we now find out.

And, did you know, these really special forces are now over 4,000 strong and directly beholden to the President apparently at his beck and call to do and go wherever he says.

Is that a comforting thought to you everyone? I do hope that you are NOT comforted by this. Unfortunately some of you out there don’t understand this and only see it as a rah rah, wave the flag, look at how powerful the US is we can get them mentality.

Exactly who does this President think he is?

He has completely disregarded International Law, International Treaty, and our own American Laws and sent a group of armed personal into a sovereign foreign nation, attacked a home and the people in it, murdered supposedly one person, removed the body, and then left. And done it all without the knowledge of or the cooperation of the Pakistani government.

Now what do you think the reaction would be if Pakistan had send an armed body to the USA, took out someone that they claim is a bad guy, and left with the body.

Do you seriously think that everyone in this country would just think that was fine and only protest that this was done. Sure, that is all we would do. People would be calling for us to march off to war over this kind of insident.

But it is OK that Obama can do just that because it is the USA and not someone else. And he even reserves the “right” to do it again should he feel the need?

The people of this country and the Congress should be calling for Obama’s head on a platter and his removal from the office of the President. NOT praising him for being strong and making the right decision.

Regardless of who they were going after, and Bin Laden certainly had a lot to likely answer for, how can it be right to order someone killed without charges, without any trial, without the presenting of evidence against them, without a jury hearing the evidence and pronouncing a verdict and then a court of law sentencing that person. Then justice will have been served – not this illegal dictatorial thugery  that was done.

The rule of law and the rights of the individual, no matter what they may have been done apply first.  And then with the due process of law, ta jury of peers to decide the charges, then the judgement of a court of law – THAT is what this country stands for. But if it is "terrorism" apparently our laws don’t apply to anyone including the American Public – remember the Patriot Act that is now law.

So now the government wants to “keep us safe” at the further expense of our liberties and freedoms.

A recent CBS New York report, stated that our officials are gearing up to require all Americans to undergo security scanning virtually everywhere – at the shopping mall, sports stadiums, museums, grocery store, traveling down the highway, and even at our church.

Cavid Boehm told, a security consultant, told CBS that because of Bin Laden’s supposed death  terrorists will likely go after "soft" targets.

Hmmm, this now makes it about 9 times that Bin Laden has been declared dead in the last 10 years – and we STILL don’t have a body to be sure, it was conveniently dumped into the ocean,  so maybe next year someone will claim it all over again and we will believe them then too.

Boehm went on to further say "The reason they’re called ‘soft’ is because it’s so easily accessible to anyone. There has to be security checks for the safety of all people."

He also went on to suggest that Americans need to be spying on each other more to be the "eyes and ears" in helping the police to keep them safe.

Then the same CBS article that quoted Broehm, went on to insanely call such a domineering, tyrannical police state activity "freedom" with a "heavy price".

The only people that the police or even we the American people need to be concerned about are those who are spouting out this complete nonsense about protecting us and keeping us safe while taking away our very freedoms.

They are the real danger to our American way of life and our country.

People, do some critical thinking please.

 NONE of these measures will make us even the tinniest bit safer – what it will do is put us totally under the thumb the government and the police. We will truly be a total police state where everything we do and have is controlled far worse than even Nazi Germany was during the second-world-war.

In Germany you had to have "papers" to even go down the block and permission to travel anywhere. You were in constant fear that a neighbor or someone who did not like you would "report you" to the authorities and you could just be dragged off during the night never to be heard from again.

The VERY SAME thing is being started here and some of it is already happening.

WE DO NOT NEED TO BE SPYING ON EVERYONE AROUND US. That path leads to the total breakdown of our society. And that is exactly what this dangerous and out-of-control government now wants.

And they are going to get their way if we all allow them to do so.

“Freedom has its life in the hearts, the actions, the spirit of men and so it must be daily earned and refreshed – else like a flower cut from its life-giving roots, it will wither and die.”  Dwight D. Eisenhower

This same pattern has been used over and over again to gain control of a country throughout history.

Some sort of disaster or attack occurs, the people react in fear and demand action, the government comes up with a convenient "solution" that destroys more of the people’s rights and liberty, and further limits their choices to "protect" them from some boggyman out there somewhere.

Now IF the people are unwilling to go that route, then there will be more and more disasters and attacks that mysteriously happen (it does not matter that for 10 years there has been none, the bad guys have been waiting all that time).

With more attacks, people will get more scared and allow their emotions to override their judgment and allow the police and government to do more to "protect" them.

That same scenario is now in play out here in this country. It is so obvious that they may as well have put it on the front page of the New York Times newspaper.

The Osama charade is being used to further the government’s agenda of  total control and bring all of us more governmental  tyranny.

We had all better decide just what sort of America we want to live in because there is not a lot of time left to be able to make a choice.

Do we want an America where we are supposedly safe because we are totally controlled in all aspects of our lives and now the bad guys will not harm us.

OR do we want an America where we still have freedom, independence, live by the Constitution as our forefathers intended and YES we may have dangers, even attacks that will be done against us. There is no total safety in the world ever.

It is more likely that you will be hit and killed by lightning than be harmed by any sort of terrorist attack.

More people die from auto accidents, pharmaceutical drugs, mistakes in the hospitals, or even crossing the street  each year living their lives than have EVER been harmed in all terrorist attacks anywhere.

And even if that was not the case, are we going to cower down and huddle in our bedrooms and want the government to keep us safe from the bad guys? And accept whatever they tell us to do to be safe?

At what price to ourselves and families and actually living our life. If you can not live you life and make your own choice good or bad, you may as well be dead as there is no point at all to it.

If you think living a life controlled by someone else is nice, you might ask someone who has lived as a slave in today’s world. And YES slavery still exists where you are chattel, no longer a person but just property to be used as your owner wants.

This is my opinion,  that I want to live my life free and make my own choices. The government has never had a good track record in deciding what is best for people, they are not going to change that now and all of a sudden make everyone safe from the terrorists.

Maybe you want to be controlled and are willing to give up your rights and freedoms to feel safe. You can choose that if you want, we do still have some choice left

I hope that you would choose to live and not have a living death that would be the police state that is beginning now and growing by the day.

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