California’s New Vaccine Law May Stop Kids Attending

California Vaccination Law May Keep Most Kids Home and Not In School

We have had one of the worst whooping cough epidemics our country in the last half a century.

In response to this, the state of California has passed AB 354 making whooping cough vaccinations mandatory for both public and private school students for the 2011-12 school year.

Currently most students in California are not vaccinated against the disease. That may bar them from attending school this coming term. Is this coming to your state as well?

AP reported that there were over 21,000 cases of whooping cough in the last year and experts are unsure as to what is the cause. NBC News reported that about 7,800 of the cases were in California. That was the most number of cases since 1947.

What they failed to report on was just how many of these cases of whooping cough occurred in someone who had already been vaccinated with the whooping cough vaccine.

What about the now admitted weather modification that has been going on for so many years and has been ramped up in the last couple to unprecedented levels. Could this be having any effect? Makes one certainly wonder.

But as a parent, do you want your child to be subjected to an unproven vaccine that has known dangers and potentially lethal effects for you child? Especially when there is no evidence that this will actually keep your child from getting the whooping cough at all?

I am not even sure if this knee-jerk response to this is even appropriate. Exposing all the states children to whooping cough virus will more likely produce a higher number of cases than it will prevent plus all the other problems it will cause in some of the population.

A better approach would be to keep your child healthy with good fresh food, limit the fast food, add supplementation with vitamins and minerals, and take natural health products that support our immune systems.

One of the best available is Dr. Josling’s Allign which you can look at on his website and decide for yourself.

Dr. Josling's Allicin Center

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