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German Hunt For Deadly E-Coli Source Increased

    This is important to all of us as there are now reports of this infection showing up in many countries including our USA. Germany wants to find the source of this dangerous infection and if they can do … Continue reading

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E-Coli Outbreak Update – Media Not Telling The Whole Story

  More information about the new strain of E-Coli has come to light. It is raising worldwide alarm as it is showing itself to be "extremely aggressive and toxic". And it is also "resistant to antibiotics" which makes it one … Continue reading

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Keep Junior Safe from MSRA or other nasties – New Stainless Steel Baby Bottle Works

  Stainless steel Baby Bottle by OrganicKidz – Great Idea!   What a great idea. A way to help keep the little one a lot safer. Today we have all sorts of chemicals in our air, water, food, food packaging, … Continue reading

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Bt Insecticide Found In Human Blood – GMO Threat To Our Health Confirmed

    Many around the world have been voicing their concerns and worries about GMO foods and their possible consequences in us humans. But the GMO industry spokespersons have long alleged that the Bt toxin is harmless to humans and … Continue reading

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Iowa Republicans criminalize any video of abused animals at factory farms!

  Ok, sorry to say, but I have come to the conclusion that most "representatives" at the local, state and especially federal level, are from a bit off their rocker to totally batty and should be considered for commitment to … Continue reading

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