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Bad Cholesterol Or Diabetes? Study Says Grapefruit Can Help!

    A new discovery by Israeli Scientists may have discovered a new effectie way to be able to treat high colesterol and diabetes naturally. Adding this to the already known benifits that a stabilized garlic extract may be just … Continue reading

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Statins Shown Useless – Big Shock!

Statin drugs are useless as a "preventive"  in children with lupus to keep them from developing atherosclerosis. Big Pharma’s agenda to further expand their market to our children as a supposed means to improve their adult health has hit a … Continue reading

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High Cholesterol

Cholesterol High Cholesterol Lowers With An All Natural Herb Cholesterol and its control has become a huge business in this county. We are bombarded daily with how important it is to keep our numbers down and we should be using … Continue reading

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