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Children That Take an Antibiotic MUCH More Prone To Superbugs Like MRSA

    So, you finally noticed already! A study by Canadian researchers found a link between taking antibiotics and a greater chance of contracting deadly "superbugs" like methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Guess these researchers have not been paying much attention … Continue reading

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Newly Discovered Gonorrhea Superbug Is Resistant to ALL ANTIBIOTICS – But Nature Has The Answer

  Superbugs of all types are showing up more and more in our world mostly due to the overuse of antibiotics by the medical community. A brand new strain of superbug has been found that is resistant to EVERY ANTIBIOTIC. … Continue reading

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Sprouts Aren’t The Cause Of E-Coli Outbreak After All – Opps Germany Says!

    Oh my aching sides – this circus just keeps getting better and better. It would be the joke of the decade if it were not so serious and people were dying and the farmers of the EU were … Continue reading

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Forensic Evidence Shows European E-Coli Superbug Likely Bioengineered

  New evidence has come to light that the superbug strain of E-Coli making its way across the EU and leaving a trail of sick and dead, was a laboratory creation. Yet no one is talking about this in the … Continue reading

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German Hunt For Deadly E-Coli Source Increased

    This is important to all of us as there are now reports of this infection showing up in many countries including our USA. Germany wants to find the source of this dangerous infection and if they can do … Continue reading

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