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E-Coli Outbreak Update – Media Not Telling The Whole Story

  More information about the new strain of E-Coli has come to light. It is raising worldwide alarm as it is showing itself to be "extremely aggressive and toxic". And it is also "resistant to antibiotics" which makes it one … Continue reading

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E Coli Outbreak Claims More Victims – What to do?

    An article in the Wall Street Journal was reporting that the outbreak of the bacteria E-Coli had now claimed some more lives. The total dead from this current infection has now reached 16 people. There are around 400 … Continue reading

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New Study Finding Superbugs Like MRSA Being Spread By Cancer Screenings

    The specter of the BIG C is something we all have on our minds. It seems as if there is no one that is not touched by its influence because we have a family member or someone we … Continue reading

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Government says Economic Crisis Over – Did You Miss These Things?

    No one needs to tell you that you have a lot less money in your pocket today than 5 years ago (even 1 year ago) or that everything is costing a lot more than it used to. Want … Continue reading

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Health Danger Gas Company Fracking Chemicals

    There is a giant  hue and cry concerning Fracking Chemicals used by the drilling industry to drill for natural gas. Pollution of this industry and more was covered by the U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act in 1974 to … Continue reading

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