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EPA Stops Special Monitoring of Fukushima Radiation – Buracratic Idiots – We are more at risk than ever!

  Here we have another instance of our government living in a total fantasy. The EPA announced yesterday that it is going to stop the special monitoring protocols in the US for the radiation coming from the Fukushima Dalichi nuclear … Continue reading

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Having A TSA Scan and/or Pat-down May Increase Your Risk Of MRSA – CRKP Infection

Here is a new wrinkle in the absurd TSA scanner boondoggle. While there is not yet hard evidence on this, a conversation I had with a friend the other day got me to thinking and doing a bit of research. … Continue reading

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US Milk 300% Higher Radiation Levels than EPA Maximum (for now)

We are hearing all over mainstream media that we have nothing to worry about with the increased radiation levels showing up all over our country. Yes, the radiation is there but it  is not a danger to us and we … Continue reading

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Bentonite Clay Can Help With Radiation Exposure

Everyone is looking for as much help as possible with the reactor disaster in Japan. There are various ways to naturally help your body deal with this onslaught of increased and increasing radiation that is now in our environment and … Continue reading

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What You Are NOT Being Told About Fukushima Radiation by Mainstream Media

Mainstream media, especially here in the USA is engaging in a total deception to the public concerning the radiation coming to us from the Fukushima reactors in Japan. What is being reported, IF it is even mentioned at all, is … Continue reading

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