Conjunctivitis - Pink eye

Conjunctivitis Is Not Just "pinkeye" – It Can Be Serious – But It Is Treatable Naturally

Most people think little of getting a little pinkeye every once in a while. Though it may seem to be pretty safe and no more than a minor annoyance, pinkeye can become very serious to your health and potentially a life changing problem.

Treatment with standard drugs is the normal course – but hold on – a new all natural herbal treatment works even better and does not have the problems of the drugs to worry about. Can we all say " it’s about time!"


Conjunctivitis Description
One of the most common eye infection is conjunctivitis.

Also known as “pink eye or pinkeye”, it is usually accompanied by a thick, yellow discharge, often crusting the eyes shut in the morning.

Pink eye causes can be viral or bacterial in nature. The same type of virus that causes an upper-respiratory condition usually causes it.

Pink eye often will go away in 7 to 10 days without medical treatment, but most people want it to go away faster especially if they are bothered by the problems it creates.

The exception is if the cause is a viral or bacterial infection – this  needs to be address quickly  to prevent additional problems.

Viral or bacterial conjunctivitis is very contagious and needs to be treated with respect.

School age children should not go to school for several days at least and even in the work environment caution is needed before returning to work too soon and spreading the infection to others.

Conjunctivitis Symptoms

Pinkeye has a number of common symptoms:

  • Redness of the Eye

  • Swollen and red eyelids

  • Tearing more than normal

  • A feeling of something in the eye

  • A Itching or burning feeling

  • Eye drainage


Conjunctivitis Treatment Options
Home treatment is usually all that is required although you do need to determine whether or not the pink eye is caused by a virus or bacteria or something else.

For a viral infection, the doctor will not do much as there are few drugs that work against viruses.

A bacterial cause can be treated with antibiotics.

Another better option is to use an all natural herbal product called Alligin along with AlliGEL.

What Actually Works
Doing nothing is fine if the cause is not an infection. If infected, you can follow the doctors advice and use the medications they prescribe.
Treating your eye at home will help reduce pain and keep your eye free of drainage and reduce the chance of infecting others.  

Use a cold or warm compress (whichever feels the best) and use a different one for each eye making sure that a clean one is used each time the compress is applied.

When wiping with tissues, be sure to wipe from the inside out toward the side of the face. Throw away the tissue at once and do not set it down on something which will spread the infection. Be sure to wash your hands also.

Use the medications that your doctor directs and complete the course to help prevent a reoccurrence. Keep in mind that these medications come with their own set of side effects and problems and be prepared to deal with them should you choose this treatment option.

A more preferred option is to use an alternative to the drugs  – the all natural herbal products Alligin and AlliGEL which have a proven track record and no side effects to deal with.

Conjunctivitis Treatment Regimen
Take two capsules (minimum 400 mg) of Alligin daily.

AlliGEL can be applied to a piece of lint and  apped gently onto the infected area, being careful not to get any in the eye.


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