Cough Description
The upper part of the respiratory tract is responsible for warming, humidifying and purifying the air that comes into our body. It is therefore this area that is likely to become damaged by pollution or infected by bacteria or viruses.

The mucus membranes that make up the upper respiratory tract, when under stimulation, secrete mucus, and it is this that leads to a stuffy nose, sinusitis, earache or a chronic cough.

A cough is your body’s means of removing mucus or foreign material from the lungs and upper airway passages.

The cough itself is not a disease but is a symptom of something else going on that we need to pay attention to and address.

Cough Symptoms

There can be two kinds of coughs – productive and nonproductive.

A productive cough will bring up phlegm or mucus from the lungs or where it may have drained down from our nose or sinuses. This helps to remove the excess mucus and clear it out of our system.

A productive cough can be caused by a number of things such as a viral illness, an infection, chronic lung disease, stomach acid coming up into the esophagus, nasal discharge draining down the back of the throat, smoking or other tobacco products.

The nonproductive cough is usually a dry cough or hacking cough or both.

Again a number of things may cause a dry cough. It may develop at the end of a cold or after exposure to some irritant like dust or smoke. Viral illnesses, Allergies, a bronchospasm, ACE inhibitors, exposure to fumes, chemicals or dust in a working environment, and Asthma.

An unrelenting cough is most annoying and yet in many cases the true cause is never discovered.

We do know that it can be a deep-seated bacterial cause or, where it is caused by a cold, a viral infection.

Cough Treatment Options

When looking for a cough remedy, you have a number of options available starting with honey in hot water, tea, or lemon juice. Elevating your head at night may help, use a cough drop to help soothe the throat for temporary relief.

An OTC cough preparation is an option but try to avoid one that handles everything. It is better to address each symptom as needed.  You can choose to use a cough expectorant or suppressant. Expectorants help to thin the mucus and that makes it easier to cough it up and out. A Suppressant is just that, it helps to suppress the cough reflex

Another excellent option is the all natural product Alligin. Alligin is good for chest complaints, especially troublesome and persistent coughs, since it has a major antitussive activity. Unlike most over the-counter medicines, Alligin powder capsules can destroy both bacterial and viral organisms with ease helping to address the possible cause of the cough.

What Actually Works

Most OTC items offer some help, but will do nothing except try and address the symptoms of the problem – mainly the cough itself. They work well in many cases in what they do, but if the cause of the cough is a bacterial or viral infection, then they offer no help at all and you end up with a more chronic cough.

Because Alligin can and does address infectious agents like a bacteria or virus, it is a much better choice than most of the OTC items.

Alligin is naturally derived from garlic and placed into a stabilized form without any pronounced odor to deal with. It has a proven track record against viral and bacterial infections and can greatly speed up the healing process to help you get rid of the cough sooner rather than later. Its companion product AlliGEL also is useful with a cough.

Cough Treatment Regimen

Squeeze a small dose of AlliGEL into a cupful of warm milk and gargle for a few minutes.

 Do this every night for a few days.

Then before retiring, take 6 Alligin powder capsules (up to 1200 mg daily) and continue until the cough begins to break up.

Then reduce the dose down to 4 and then to 2 after a further week.

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