Crazy Australian Authorities Want To BAN Thousands Of Native Plants!

Crazy Australia Minister Wants To Outlaw Thousands Of Native PlantsAfter finding out about this, I was wondering just exactly what plants Australian lawmakers have been brewing. I know Australia is a unique place as are its people, but someone has put something into the air or water that has made some of their authorities look like they have completely lost it.

Insane as it sounds, there is a proposed legislation that would outlaw hundreds, perhaps thousands, of common plant species in their ecosystem, and it even includes the "golden wattle", the national flower!

Passing this utterly ridiculous legislation would mean that everyone including nurseries, commercial growers, farmers, cactus collectors, small and big farmers, and even backyard gardeners would become criminals overnight. Yet many of the plants proposed to be banned are not even used as drugs at all!

If they can do that there, are we far behind? Will our native herbal plants be slated for destruction. Think it is far fetched – not so much. What then about diseases like MRSA that are not treatable with traditional medications – if natural plants are eliminated what do you do then when the natural cures are gone because of idiots in our government?

At present there are only 5 plants banned in Australia because of their alleged drug components. Under this new proposed legislation, any plant that contains dimethyltryptamine (DMT), a naturally-occurring hallucinogen, would be outlawed and most likely targeted  for destruction.

According to their own Attorney General, this would include many common plants, native plants, various cacti, fodder grasses, and even backyard ornamental plants.

Ok, DMT does have hallucinogenic properties, granted. But this compound is found in literally thousand of plant species that are native to Australia and make up a large part of the bio-diversity that nature has put together.

Insanely, included on the list are many legumes that farmers use to feed their animals. If these go by the wayside, what is the farmer to do? Go out and get GMO corn or GMO alfalfa to replace the native food – just how utterly stupid are the Australian authorities?

This is one of the most irresponsible, ill-conceived and completely baseless pieces of legaslation that has ever been proposed. Do the authorities think that people are rushing all over the country gathering up the native plants to somehow extract this DMT compound?

You have got to be kidding. I just hope that the people of Australia have the common sense to tell their Australian Minister for Justice, the Hon Brendan O’Connor MP, who is accepting public comments on this until March 11, 2011, just exactly what they should use this piece of legislation for and what his and any other member of the legislature fate will be should they go ahead and enact this laughable bill.

The fact that this is even proposed begs the question of WHY? The stated purpose makes no sense at all and there must be a darker and much more sinister reason behind this bill.

I only hope that this is not the writing on the wall for our own country.

We are battling with the release of the GMO Alfalfa.

We already are virtually without any native corn left to consume or put into our food products – about 95% of all corn grown is now GMO.

We have crazy weather affecting our crops and the same in other countries.

We are losing farmland daily due to small farms being run out of business for many reasons.

And to top it all, we have mandated that about 45% of our croplands be given over to producing corn for bio-fuel!

We can thank former President Bush for that piece of junk legislation. How can it be good to remove over 40% of a crop as important as corn from the food supply and make bio-fuel out of it even if it is less poluting? Especially since the COST of producting the bio-fuel far exceeds the energy we get back including any possible savings in carbon from the fuel itself.

Speaking of which the carbon footprint ( which is total junk science by the way ) is much greater when you factor in all the production and transportation needed to produce this. We will not talk about how this affects the food market  and prices – there is so much there it deserves it’s own article.

All this is putting enormous pressures on our ability to grow enough food for our own use let alone exporting it to the rest of the world as we have been able to do in the past. Our surplus stocks are depleted and we already have shortages due to weather. Look at what is happening in the commodities markets and what will happen to our food costs in the coming months. It is scary!

I am concerned that we all are in for a hard time in the next year and even beyond.

I would say that we need to try and prepare as much as we can now while we are more able and to stock up on what we can including vitamins, minerals, herbals like Alligin that help us to stay healthy, and anything else that you can not live without. It will cost less now that six months from now  or even next month- that is certain!

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