Crop Failures Linked To Deadly New Plant Disease – This Has Consequences for US


GMO Crops  Linked to New Deadly Plant Disease - Danger to ALL


There has been an uptick in crop failures and spontaneous animal miscarriages that seems to be linked to a deadly new plant disease as reported by Emeritus Professor Don Huber from Purdue University in Indiana.

He further states that this new disease is likely the result of genetically-modified (GM) crops and the pesticides and herbicides used to grow them.

This has severe and dangerous implications for all of us who live in the world. Both ourselves and our food animals are consuming more and more of these GM frankenfoods despite the best efforts of many organizations to stop the GMO proliferation.

What is happening in the plant world and the food animal world is going to be happening in the human world also and the consequences are not good for all of us. We will be opening the door to more and more superbugs and the lessening of our body’s ability to fend them off.

Perhaps some of you remember the DDT controversy and how the pesticide industry disavowed any problems and is was safe to use. Later reports and independent study proved that the DDT was anything but benign as was claimed and finally was banned in the U.S. But it is not gone from the environment as it is even today used in other countries in huge quantities and some of the produce makes its way to our food shelves.

So much for stopping a proven dangerous pesticide. Perhaps congress should have made their law a bit more concrete and forced these companies to stop the manufacture completely of this dangerous toxic chemical. That would have been the most responsible thing to do.

This new study was reported by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation but the study stopped short of specifically pinpointing which pathway was the direct cause of this new disease. But the evidence is compelling to show that GMO’s and their accompanying pesticides, especially the name brand Roundup is involved.

Professor Huber said:

"They’re finding anywhere from 20 percent to as much as 55 percent of those [animals] will miscarrriage or spontaneously abort."

Professor Huber was referring to farm animals that come into contact with this new deadly pathogen as a result of eating GM corn and soybeans.

He goes on to state that food crops are suffering the very same fate. The GM gene in the plant causes a reduction in the microbiology of the soil. This prevents the uptake of vital nutrients the plant needs to be healthy and their lack leaves it more open to disease.

Then the application of the Roundup kills off everything else – because the Roundup does a great job of killing off other weeds AND the beneficial micro-organisms in the soil which are critical to healthy and productive plants.

Additionally, the Roundup locks up nutrients and makes them unavailable to the plant at all. Even worse, the effects of the Roundup continue for YEARS after the use of the GMO crops and Roundup pesticide has been discontinued!

It may take decades for the soil to return to normal – no one knows for sure. What is known is that more and more plant diseases like this new super disease are showing up – that there are new and worsening superweeds growing that nothing is having an effect on them and fields are being abandoned by the farmers – that crop yields are reduced not increased as the GMO companies claimed.

NOTHING about the GMO’s seeds, yields, and pesticide use claimed by these companies has proved to be true. They have and still are totally lying to the American Public and are working to expand the use of GMO’s to everywhere.

There may soon be a GMO lawn for you. Imagine your children playing on GMO grass that is drenched in one of the most toxic pesticides ever developed. And they will be absorbing some of that through their skin, breathing some as they play and it will have an effect on them. Just ask some of the farmers whose children have been damaged while working around the crops sprayed with the Roundup chemical. Of course all these reports are not true and blown up out of proportion according to Monsanto – Roundup’s manufacture.

Every new plant and animal disease being created by GMO’s poses an additional threat to all of us as they will weaken your immune system and reduce your intake of needed nutrients from the food that you eat.

This leaves us even more vulnerable to other diseases such as MRSA, CAMRSA, COPD and others because our bodies simply do not have the means to fend them off like they could if we were eating nutrient rich foods.

All that we can do is to supplement as best we can, try to eat good nutrient rich locally grown foods, and take herbal products that help boost our immune systems and help protect us from invading pathogens.

Each of us has the responsibility to our families and our children to help stop this terrible process and the spread of GMO’s.

At the very least, demand from your representatives that food labeling include the listing of all GMO components in the food. These same GMO manufacturing companies have and are fighting tooth and nail to prevent any such labeling from being required.

STOP using any products that contain GMO’s at all – if we can not force the needed legislation because congress is not listening – then we can vote with our wallets and perhaps the food companies will change when they understand that no one will be buying their products until they are safe and GMO free.

Please spread the word so that more are aware of this danger to our health.



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