Deep Penetrating X-ray Body Scanners with A Huge Health Risk Comming To Your Nearest Ariport

New Full Body X-ray Scanner are more powerful and an even greater danger to your health.

With the current controversy over the backscatter and millimeter-wave naked body scanners we now have at our airports, you would think that the program might slow down and take a harder look at what the long term effects could be for everyone.

But in the usual government zeal to further invade your privacy and take more control over you, they now want to install full out x-ray scanners that will be able to penetrate deep within the body taking a full-on x-ray of you as you would receive in the hospital showing bones and organs.

This x-ray radiation is so strong that in the health field only licensed professionals are permitted to operate the machinery and every protection is provided to them to limit their exposure. Also, there is a maximum number of recommended exposures a person should have in a year’s time – this is really dangerous stuff.

Over exposure to this penetrating radiation can cause a host of very serious problems including coronary heart disease, cell and DNA damage, and CANCER.

Plainly, this deep level of radiation is going to effect your immune system and do so right away. And what are you doing – getting onto a plane which is one of the poorest environment you can have and one of the easiest to circulate different pathogens to you in the recirculated air in the cabin. And it makes no difference if you are in 1st class, business class or coach – everyone is breathing the same air.

This then can dramatically increase your chance of getting a MRSA infection both from the exposure to the air, exposure to the many different people and all they are carrying with them, and the high potential to get a scrap, or even cut during the trip somewhere.

When in the dentists office and having an x-ray of your teeth, the technician places a lead vest over your chest to protect you from unnecessary exposure and they leave the room or stand behind a protective lead wall. Without that lead vest your upper body would be exposed to strong radiation and the risks that come along with it.

The full-body scanners currently in use are bad enough and there are many scientists that have come out and said that the naked body scanner expose your body to more radiation than is safe. They warn it will alter your DNA, increase the risk of sperm mutation in males, and greatly increases your risk of cancer.

If the overall radiation can cause these effects, then it is going to open the door to making us much more succeptable to a MRSA infection or a CMRSA infection. And make it that much harder to address should that happen.

But these current scanners are nothing when compared to the deep penetrating ones being rolled out in Australia.

It seems as if the governing body there just loves to make their population a test case for crazy and insane ideas that must have come from some drug induced hallucination. Why the Australian people let them get away with some of the things they do simply astounds me.

If they do pass this in their Federal Parliament, then we will not be far behind. They will begin showing up in our airports and subjecting us to the same very dangerous radiation.

But wait, there is more.

Plans are in the works to do more with a mobile fleet of scanners. These would be used to security scan at public events, train stations, sport gatherings, and even checkpoints along the road.

Think about that. If you are recommended to get as few x-rays a year as possible and just one scan with the new more powerful machines would be like a number of chest x-rays all at once.  How many times do you want to be scanned?

Now, what will happen to the frequent flyer who travels once a week or more? How many scans are they going to rack up in a year or how many times are they going to have their private parts manhandled by TSA agents. I would not wish to be that person, especially if the TSA decides that pat downs are no longer going to be used and everyone is required to march through the scanner with no other choice. That terrible scenario may be true sooner than anyone thinks.

On top of all of this, none of these scanners are operated by or maintained by or even checked by any certified person! If a dentist would do the same, they would find themselves on the other side of a set of bars very quickly, yet the TSA operates in this manner openly and discounts any questioning of the safety of their scanners and says they are completely safe. The only problem with their claim is that they can not produce ANY proof to back up their claim – just a lot of hot air and excuses when confronted.

All of this leads to wondering what can we do as this rolls out all over our country because the TSA has not listened to anyone as of yet or the public that does not want this intrusion into their privacy or handling of their private parts in the TSA pat-downs.

What we can do is to try and get more sun exposure to increase our Vit. D levels.

We can supplement with larger doses of Vit. D to help protect us, and we can also use well established herbals like the Alligin product from Dr. Josling to assist our bodies immune function.

That is what I do daily and I tell everyone I see to do the same. Please take a look at his Allicin center for more information and an eye-opening e-book explaining all about the benefits of allicin the main ingredient in the Alligin.

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