Most Diarrhea Is Viral So OTC Items And Meds Are Useless – But A Natural Treatment Really Works

What are you to do? Diarrhea just hit, you have work, the kids, the household to take car of and now this!

Far too often this scenario is repeated all over the country. You want to run right to the medicine cabinet and grab that pink liquid and hope it works. But though it may mask the symptoms temporarily, it is not addressing the actual cause of the diarrhea and is really just prolonging the time it will take to get over it.

Medications from the doctor, for the most part, can work IF the doctor gives you the right one. Since most causes of diarrhea are actually viral in nature, there are only a limited number of drugs that the doctor can use – ALL of which have a long list of side effects.

And should you choose the meds, keep in mind that they are killing everything – your immune system – your gut bacterial and more  – and once you stop taking the meds at the end of the treatment, you are now actually more vulnerable to another infection ( often fungal ) before your immune system can rebuild itself.

Sound scary? You bet it is. So instead of going through all of that, why not take a natural approach that has no side effects, no problems with the immune system or gut bacteria, and actually does attack the root problem the virus that caused this in the first place.

Read on to find out more about this herbal product that really works.

Diarrhea Description
Diarrhea is a bowel movement that is very loose and watery. A common affliction that most people will have 4 or more times a year. It may last 2 or 3 days or even several weeks, and the symptoms can be treated with OTC medicines but remember they do have side effects.

Very often diarrhea is caused by an intestinal infection especially by Escherichia coli.  Severe or prolonged diarrhea may lead to extreme loss of fluids, salt and nutrients and can be dangerous.

Other diarrhea causes are:

  • Infections with other organisms
  • viral infection (most common)
  • Foods that upset the digestive system
  • Allergies to certain foods
  • Medications
  • Disease of the intestine such as Crohns
  • Malabsorption
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Laxatives
  • Diabetes
  • Competitive running

Diarrhea Symptoms

 Very simply, if you have runny, watery bowl movement – then you likely have a case of diarrhea. It is pretty easy to figure out in most cases.

There may be some gas and pain involved also which can be mistaken at first for simple indigestion but with the first trip to the bathroom you will now the difference.


Diarrhea Treatment Options
Your treatments options depends the severity of the diarrhea.

A mild case of diarrhea you can simply let run its course or use OTC meds like Pepto-Bismol.

Try to drink at least 6 – 8oz. glasses of water to keep yourself hydrated. With diarrhea you can easily become dehydrated if you do not take in enough fluid to replenish what is coming out.

If you notice any of these signs of dehydration – call your doctor at once.

  • Dark urine
  • Small amount of urine
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Headaches
  • Dry Skin
  • High Irritability
  • Confusion

Another completely natural option is to use a herbal product Called Alligin. This is the better choice as it can also help prevent future episodes and guard against other infections at the same time.

What Actually Works
OTC items certainly do work for mild cases and many do well with them. Of course, there are potential side effects when taking any type of medicine – so keep that in mind. Also, OTC products can do nothing to address the cause of the diarrhea – the infection.

Since the most common reason for diarrhea is a bacterial or viral infection, a better option would be to use the all natural herbal product Alligin. Alligin is a stabilized, concentrated, odor free form of garlic which has proven bacterial and viral fighting properties and will not harm the immune system or the good bacteria in the gut.

This is a very important consderation, as some OTC items and of course any doctor prescribed medications will compromise the gut bacteria and leave you open to a futher fungal infection right after you stop the medication . NOT something you want to do.

Using a maintenance dosage of the Alligin on a daily basis will go a long way in preventing or lessening any future occurrence of diarrhea and a host of other infections also.

In addition, you will always want to help rebuild your gut bacteria as a lot of it is flushed out during the diarrhea bout. A great way to rebuild this quickly and easiely is to use a companion product of Alligin called PrePro. It is available from the same on-line store.


Diarrhea Treatment Regimen
You can get rid of this type of problem very easily with Alligin powder capsules.

Taking up to 1000 mg (4  or 5 capsules) in one go should get rid of an upset stomach.

This may have to be repeated six hours later.

Adding  the probiotic, PrePro, will also help to rebuild the gut bacteria and get you back to normal more quickly.


Where To Buy Diarrhea Treatment Now

When we find something that "works" in the real world, we will unabashedly tell you to go buy it and provide a way to do that if possible.

Why?  -  When a natural alternative product has demonstrated its effectiveness, then that product needs to be both supported and promoted. By doing so, we hope to bring the benefits of the product to a larger number of people and with their help and interest attempt to keep that product available in the marketplace.

Control your Diarrhea now and later and send it packing for good – click "our sponsors" today!

Dr. Josling's Allicin Center

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