E Coli Outbreak Claims More Victims – What to do?


E Coli outbreak calims more victums - is it on the way to the U.S?


An article in the Wall Street Journal was reporting that the outbreak of the bacteria E-Coli had now claimed some more lives. The total dead from this current infection has now reached 16 people. There are around 400 sever cases of the disease where the infected are seriously ill.

Previously, this outbreak had centered in the northern area of Germany, but has now spread to at least six other European countries.

There is no real cause of the infection determined so far. They think that it may be related to some vegetables, but no one knows.


This is causing a huge economic impact for the farmers of the region as millions of dollars of crops sit in fields with consumers afraid to purchase food from the region.

What is scary is that while the usual source of infection is direct by consuming contaminated food, it is possible to have person-to-person transmission.

This strain can cause you to have bloody diarrhea and kidney failure – it is called enterohemorrhagic E. coli.

This strain is showing resistance to treatment. Authorties are concerned because only about 1,000 cases of regular E.coli infection happen each year.

So, far there are 400 plus of the serious strain of this disease and an additional 800 who have gotten a milder version of the infection. Already, with this one outbreak, the yearly average has been exceeded.

This is causing many of the EU nations to panic and avoid anything that even looks like it may be contaminated. For example, Hamburg city health authorities reported that they have found some traces of E.Coli bacteria on cucumbers that had been imported from Spain, but this did not match the dangerous strain causing all the problems.

But in response to this many stores, restaurants and consumers stopped buying anything altogether from these areas. This is having a terrible effect on the Spanish agriculture industry and its GNP as about 15% is from food crops.

Whether or not this will begin to show up here in the U.S. is a moot point. It may very well already be here and simply has not been recognized as of yet.

We have our own problems with E coli outbreaks here and there are a lot more of them than the average newscast reports. Mostly it is a local problem and only occasionally gets national attention and widespread infections.

The best thing you can do is to stay as healthy as possible and wash everything very well especially when consuming raw vegetables.

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