EPA Stops Special Monitoring of Fukushima Radiation – Buracratic Idiots – We are more at risk than ever!


EPA Putting Us More At Risk By Stoping Radiation Fallout Monitoring for Fukushima Reactors

Here we have another instance of our government living in a total fantasy.

The EPA announced yesterday that it is going to stop the special monitoring protocols in the US for the radiation coming from the Fukushima Dalichi nuclear disaster in Japan. This is despite the fact that no real progress has been made at the plant in stopping or lessening the amount of radioactive coming out and contaminating the world.

The threat to the U.S. and everyone else is REAL and is not a made up whatever. Foreign reports near the Fukushima plant are now reading levels of 1,000 times normal in the water. That water is not just going to disappear and it is NOT going to become diluted to the point that no one has to worry about it.

If you think and believe the government propaganda on that one, please do yourself a favor and do a little research on the internet and find out just how little radiation is needed to be a major problem to you.

The worst fact of this is that it is "on-going". That is the radiation is not just a single exposure that you can hopefully get through. It is a continuing and ever increasing in intensity as the radiation accumulates in our ground, water, and food at greater and greater levels.

THAT is what is going to be the problem and our governments response to this is to just raise their "safe levels of acceptable radiation" from 1,000 to 100,000 times is beyond stupid.

Can anyone believe that it is creditable to just say that safe levels of radiation exposure are now orders of magitude higher and that is OK because we are now saying so? No consulting of world experts, no evidence or study saying that it is ok – just put it out and we are all supposed to accept it and go about our daily lives.

How about we put it into a bit of perspective. I read one article that stated under the former figures from the National Cancer Institute, the radiation safe levels meant that 1 – repeat that ONE person in 1,000,000 ( that is 1 million) would likely get cancer from the exposure.

Under the new improved figures the EPA has put out that figure is now ONE IN TEN-THOUSAND. Now that is one heck of a difference.

So, apparently our government is now perfectly content to have the levels of cancer rise like a rocket and since this will not really show up for a few years, by that time this can be blamed on any other sort of cause as the public will have forgotten all about the Fukushima disaster.

Well, I do not know about you, but I am going to do everything that I can to help protect my family from the radiation exposure.

There is no option that will stop all of it – that just is not possible especially if this continues for many more months or even years. Already, the exposure we have is significant enough to cause everyone on the planet some level of problem. So, since that can not be changed, all we have control over is to help detox our bodies from any radiation we do receive as well as we can.

I know that I am researching this and have already put up some articles on some of the things that I have found, and will continue to do so. I urge you to do your own research and if you find something good, please let me know and I will put up a post on that too.

The only other thing that I can recommend is to use Dr. Josling’s products. Those I know for sure do work and since the immune system is one of the first things radiation affects, it makes sense to me to use a product like Alligin that directly helps the immune system do its job and acts independently of it to also attack invading bugs you don’t want.

I can only encourage you to do your own research and look at the products. Then make up your own mind as I did if you want them in your medicine chest.

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