Fleas And Ticks Are More Than Just A Nuisance

Flea and Tick


If you are reading this, it’s probably because you and your pet are experiencing some unwanted attention from these tiny vampires and want to be rid of them. You are also probably concerned about using chemicals and were looking for a solution – finding your way here to this blog.

I have also had some unpleasant experiences with these insidious creatures.

Like the time my good fiend Zeb (a black Labrador Retriever) began to act strange, not his usual self. One day while during a storm he was so nervous that he would not leave my side continuously quivering and shaking. It was so bad that he would even wet himself during a loud clap of thunder.


My first thought, maybe it was the intensity of a storm that provoked this unusual behavior in my dog. Long story short it was caused by a tick-born illness. Should have guessed for I too am no stranger to tick-born illnesses. I have had Lyme Disease and other tick borne diseases like Ehrlichiosis, Rickettsia, and Babesiosis. That may seem like a lot but it isnt that surprising since I spend a lot of time outdoors. I live in the middle of the woods in Northern California and have dogs that love to roam.

What I discovered not only cured me of my Lyme Disease, it has kept everyone in my family healthy including my Dogs. It has prevented us from getting ticks, they no longer seem to bite. And best of all it is a Natural Flea and Tick Treatment.

And no one in my family has gotten sick at all, not even a cold or flu since we started using it. I have not visibly seen any fleas or ticks and my dogs rarely scratch or nibble anymore. Best of all they seem to have more energy and are more eager to romp and play. I am not easily impressed but this stuff is something I hope I never find myself being without ever again.

Let me tell you about the path that I followed in my understanding of this problem and what I had to learn to find a real, natural, and effective solution to controlling these pests

It seems that for all our present day accomplishments, we are still actively searching for safe, effective means to control these Bloodsucking Pests.

Not only are they irritating to our pets and even ourselves, but they are dangerous to the health of our pets! Fleas can cause severe skin problems such as flea allergy dermatitis (FAD), secondary skin irritations and in extreme cases, anemia. Fleas can also infect you and your pet with other parasites. Tapeworms normally infest dogs and cats but may appear in children if parts of infested fleas are accidentally consumed.Fleas that live and thrive on small rodents and their larger cousins rats, can cause diseases like the bubonic plague and murine typhus (endemic typhus) fever. They spread from rodent to rodent and from rodent to our pets (and even to us) ! Fleas can also infect your pet with other parasites such as Tapeworms. Unpleasant as that may be for the pet, of more concern is the potential for infecting our children should parts of infected fleas be accidentally consumed.

Another common problem in our pets is a parasite found on the skin and in the ears of Dogs and Cats – MITES. Mites, like Fleas, can cause skin problems along with a host of other more serious conditions that can afflict our pets.

To address these issues we usually resort to using one of the commercial pet control products available from the local store or veterinarian.

But just what is the problem in using the commercial products like Adams, Advantage and Frontline? Today’s insecticides for pets claim great advancements because of the wide arrays of different compounds that have been formulated to attack and destroy the pests.

Unfortunately most people are completely unaware that virtually all pest control products contain dangerous and highly toxic ingredients that are not disclosed to consumers or even veterinarians.

Ingredients such as:

Carbaryl (Sevin), a powerful nerve-paralyzing chemical that is associated with a host of other side effects.

DDVP (dimethyl dichlorovinyl phosphate), which is used in plastic flea collars, it numbs an insect’s nervous system and has been known to have the same effect on a susceptible pet.

Piperonyl Butoxide an increasingly popular synergistic that is used extensively as a booster in most all the new pyrethrum products. It has been associated with liver disorders.

Because of the extensive use of these and other synthetic chemical controllers the pests are becoming increasingly resistant to the synthetic chemicals and many are finding that they simply don’t work well or at all any more.

The explosion in flea numbers on our pets, has resulted in pest control Manufactures increasing their efforts aimed at keeping them under control. In an attempt to keep pace with the parasites increasing populations, the pesticide manufacturers are now making their products increasingly stronger and even MORE DANGEROUS.

The danger presented by these flea treatment products is shown by the huge number of incident reports on our pets on file at the Environmental Protection Agency not to mention the manufacturers own animal laboratory studies. The logs of these studies detail thousands of deaths and illnesses of cats and dogs that have been treated with these products by their owners and veterinarians. Many Vets have even reported their own systemic reactions to the products.

Still, in spite of this alarming documentation, the manufacturers continue to make the very bold claim that their products are safe and cause no internal or external health effects to animals or people.

Well if these products are so safe and harmless, then why do the warning labels on popular flea and tick products advise you not to handle your pet for 24 to 48 hours after treatment?

A more ridiculous statement made by these same manufactures is to assert that their products are not absorbed into the skin of the animal or human. Amazing is hardly the word because the only way their treatments work is by the insect drinking the toxic blood of the animal. If it is not absorbed into the skin, just how does the active ingredient manage to find its way into the bloodstream from the collars or the compound you apply on the skin?

Obviously, these claims are simply not true and according to studies conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency – ALL of todays most popular name brand chemical flea killers, tick control and spot-ons are linked to devastating health effects. (These EPA test results are on file in Washington, DC for anyone to read.)

No one can deny that the numbers of deaths from Cancer and heart disease among our companion animals have skyrocketed in recent years and long term chronic health problems are at all time highs. These facts apply demonstrate that modern science doesn’t always know whats best.

We as pet owners often times create severe poisoning in our loved dogs and cats due to the overzealous or incorrect application of these chemical treatments. And yet many of those poisoned animals still have fleas the very thing the treatment is supposed to be effective against!

Have you ever asked yourself these questions:

  • What may be the cumulative effects of prolonged use of these products or the possible interactions and consequences of combining their drugs with other drugs your pet may require?

  • What effects might they have on pets in ill health or older animals, pregnant or lactating dogs and cats?

  • What are the possible effects on humans when handling or simply being around our pets? We all like to hold, play with and pet our animals do we not – how much of the chemical is being transferred and absorbed into our body systems?

  • What about the manufactures claiming that their flea killers or squeeze-ons are not systemic?

  • What about reports that the drug companies hide and falsify laboratory test results of their products to qualify for EPA registration?

  • And why can they be allowed to get away with calling their product Natural Flea Control when the active ingredients are toxic chemicals?

WHY are these done – Because Its a 9 Billion Dollar A Year Industry!

An industry that has spent billions of dollars in convincing you, your breeder, your vet, your government (at all levels), and virtually everyone else, that you must use these products as the only solution for pest control.

They have convinced you that if you do not follow the orthodox wisdom of caring for your animal, using one of their products, you are some how irresponsible.

Wow – how on earth did our pets ever survive all on their own for thousands of years without all these wonderful advances in animal science?

What Are The Alternatives To Using These Products?

Fortunately, you have options, there are safe effective, nontoxic alternative methods to keep our companion animals and households free from fleas, ticks and mites eliminating their irritating and sometimes debilitating impacts.

The safest and most effective way to eliminate fleas and mites utilizes an approach called Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

IPM is an ecosystem-based strategy that focuses on long-term prevention of pests. Pest control materials are selected and applied in a manner that minimizes risks to human and animal health, beneficial and non-target organisms, and the environment.

The FIRST PART of any IPM program is to learn everything we can about the target fleas ticks – mites. Who are these pests and what are their habits? How do they breed and spread?

With this knowledge, we can implement an effective, nontoxic approach and be secure in the knowledge that everyone in our household and surrounding environment is safe from the harmful effects of pesticides.

The NEXT PART in the IPM program is in understanding what makes my pet healthy. This is important because a healthy animal is far less likely to be the object of desire for any parasite looking for an opportunity. Fleas instinctively seem to know which animals are ill and use this to their advantage.

To maintain PET HEALTH you need:

1. A GOOD HEALTHY DIET – If you are not already feeding a raw meat, homemade diet or using human-grade food products along with including supplements for your pets, then this is the time to shift gears and start.

2. PURE CLEAN WATER – The next item for a healthy pet is an essential element for good health – pure clean water.

By now most of us have come to realize that what comes from the tap may not be all that good for us and many have turned to bottled water to use for ourselves. Sadly the vast majority of bottled waters are no better than many city tap waters.

Well that same logic goes for your pet? They too need pure clean water. Water that is not full of the many unwanted items found today in all municipal water supplies throughout the U.S.A.It is a well known fact that the average city water supply contains over 500 different chemicals that should not be there.

First the water is treated using chlorine or fluoride and then additional chemicals are added that slow down the aging of the water supply delivery systems, making the pipes last longer. Most water delivery systems around the U.S. are made from materials like cement, asbestos pipes, cast iron, PVC (porous to certain solvents, herbicides and pesticides) and galvanized steel – they are antiquated and should be replaced.

Adding to the problem is lead, cadmium and other toxic metals that leach out of the walls, valves and couplings of these pipes and into the water as it travels along its way between the water treatment plant and the faucet in your home.

Animal studies conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency have shown that drinking chlorinated water caused blood cholesterol to switch from high-density lipoproteins (the good guys) to low-density lipoproteins (the bad guys). Why the EPA doesn’t inform the public that our drinking water is contributing to the number one killer in our country, Ill never understand. Well actually I do, but that’s a topic for future discussion, a very long one.

Have you thought about just how much of those unwanted chemicals your pet may be absorbing when you give them a bath? Your pets skin is the largest organ on their body and chemicals are absorbed directly through it. Think about the various popular pest control patches or liquids on the market. That’s how they work, Trans-dermal delivery. Everything you put on the skin is absorbed.

3. FRESH AIR AND EXERCISE – In addition to a healthy diet and clean pure water your pets must have fresh air and exercise to oxygenate and circulate their blood.

These basic elements are essential to promote and maintain good health. They are the foundation of any good integrated pest management system (IPM).

4. USING THE BEST PRODUCTS AVAILABLE – The FINAL PART of the IPM Program is having and using truly Natural Products instead of the toxic ones.

There is NO NEED to be toxic when NATURAL works so well!

Natural pest control methods have been around for as long as domesticated animals and used by every race and culture on earth. There is nothing new about it except its new found popularity.

There are a number of natural flea remedies and natural tick remedies that work rather well. Depending on your situation there are recipes for infestations of your pet, infestations inside your home and infestations outside your home.

Realize that IPM programs take moretime to work. So results are slower to come about than if you used pesticides (when they work that is). But the risks of pesticide use far outweigh the more immediate action and temporary results these products may provide.

In her book Designer Poisons (about the dangers of pesticides) Dr. Marion Moses minces no words:

"When we share metabolic or neuro pathways with insects, we are impacted by these chemicals. The difference is only in amount just because it doesn’t kill humans or animals doesn’t mean it is not having damaging health effects.

The most effective remedies for natural flea control are the ones that work in concert with your pets natural healing processes. Better yet create an environment that is unattractive to them. The old saying an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure is so very appropriate to this discussion and should be the focus your overall strategy. And this is actually quite easy to accomplish, easier than you might imagine."

That brings us to the main focus of this article.


The more I learn about the natural world the more I realize how simple and elegant it all is. But at the same time it is infinitely complex – an intricate, elaborate and dynamic inter-linking communications network. Trillions of cells are organized into sets and subsets all passing information back and forth guided by some unknown intelligence. This is truly amazing.

Mankind’s knowledge of this natural world has come a long way over the centuries, to the point that we can now create organic life in the laboratory. We can grow tissue and organs. We can operate on our pets to repair or replace things as needed. These spectacular achievements unquestionably serve to improve the quality of life for our pets and it has its place for those who can afford it. But, we are still missing the boat!

Rather than complement the healing process to bring our pets body back to Homeostasis (balance), Conventional Medicine (Allopathic) attempts to manipulate body chemistry to alleviate symptoms which merely serves to mask the condition.

It never addresses the underlying cause, and the root of the problem still remains as does the illness or problem. This approach, in the end causes more difficulties and fails as a so-called treatment.

Nature however has one up on us with millions of years past to perfect the most effective answer. Natures answer to the pest control problem lies in a compound called Allicin. It is very, very effective for this and so much more!

There is so much to say about Allicin that it would be impossible to cover in this brief article. But lets start by describing some of it finer attributes.

It has proven to be:

  • antimicrobial
  • antibiotic
  • antiparasitic
  • antimycotic
  • antiviral
  • antitumoral
  • antioxidant
  • anti-aging
  • antiplatelet
  • detoxifies heavy metals
  • fibrinolusis
  • hypolipidaemic (lipid-lowering)
  • and immune enhancer and modulator
  • Humoral immunity (refers to antibody production, and all the accessory processes that accompany it)

Allicin displays an incredible spectrum of activity and has the ability to destroy all known pathogens, it is used to help resolve any condition with a bacterial, fungal or viral cause including drug resistant infections like MRSA (Methecillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), VRSA (Vancomycin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), PRSP (Penicillin-resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae), TB (Tubercle Bacillus just to name a few. They are all sensitive to Allicin as are many other unwelcome pathogens.

The exceptional capacity of Allicin to kill unwanted organisms is unique in an herbal compound.


Allicin is best described as Natures Antibiotic, more accurately; it is a broad spectrum antimicrobial. It is the heart of garlic, the mother substance from which all others flow.

The medicinal benefits of garlic have been so well documented that I don’t feel that it is necessary to address the mountains of research on the benefits of garlic. It has become well established and widely accepted that garlic is an important herbal treatment.

When raw garlic is cut, crushed, chopped or processed an odorless sulfur-containing compound called alliin (al-e-een) combines with an enzyme called allinase (al-i-naze) to form Allicin. This transformation takes place in mere seconds and remains active only for a short period before degrading.

When Allicin degrades, as many as 200 other sulfur compounds are formed. Many of these, like Allicin, are only active for a short period and others remain active. One is a compound named ajoene (ah-ho-ene) after ajo, Spanish for garlic, which has been shown to possess antithrombotic, antimycotic (it kills fungal infections) and anti-fat depositing actions.


Allicin is able to penetrate the cell walls of micro-organisms to react and upset their biochemical balance impeding activity. At low concentrations of Allicin, the degree of interference may not be lethal, but sufficient to block the microbes virulence. At slightly higher concentrations, the effect can prove lethal for the micro-organism.

Allicin is truly a remarkable compound; the problem is that its activity is rather brief. For decades, modern researchers have attempted to develop a concentrated and stabilized form of Allicin that would remain bio-active. A resent patented process has been developed that captures Garlic’s active compound and puts it into an easily used, convenient, storable form that remains Bio-active.

If you think that all garlic products are the same, take a look at what Dr. Peter Josling, Director of the Garlic Center in East Sussex, United Kingdom has to say in his recent book "Natures Power House Healers".

These next paragraphs sum it up.

Do conventional garlic supplements work?

A quite bewildering array of garlic supplements are on offer when visiting a health-food shop or drug store, all apparently offering you Allicin. However, in a review of garlic supplement brands carried out in March 2003, the independent consumer body ConsumerLabs.com found that the strength of these products, judged on each products ability to generate Allicin in a laboratory test, varies by as much as 1500 per cent. ConsumerLabs.com found that almost a quarter of non-aged products (aged garlic never produces any Allicin) yielded less Allicin that was generally considered therapeutic and then only in a laboratory and not in your body, which is an altogether different setting. The global consumption of garlic per year is approximately 1 clove for every living person! In the UK alone more than two million packs of garlic supplements were purchased in 2005/2006 from chemists, supermarkets and mass-merchandisers to treat elevated cholesterol, hypertension and other common disorders. This makes garlic the most popular herbal product according to many sources. Yet NONE of those consumers are getting what they actually need from a garlic product that all-important heal-all, Allicin.

Why? As we have seen, Allicin is created when a garlic clove is ruptured by the action of two constituents in a defense against attacking soil organisms. But just as Allicin is produced in a matter of seconds, its potency dies away with equal rapidity. In its natural, un-stabilized form, it rapidly degrades and is simply not available as an active substance or the benefit of humans. In short, without Allicin in its stabilized form, these supplements have little, and mostly no Allicin potential. This is confirmed by the total lack of any clinical evidence for any activity as an antimicrobial agent.
(Nature’s Powerhouse Healers By Dr. Peter Joshling)

Once again we have been hoodwinked into believing certain things that simply are not true by the mainstream sources.


When taken regularly it enhances the Immune System. It helps to protect them from the endless array of invading Microbes (Viruses, Funguses, Bacteria and Parasites) looking to set up house and drain their health and vitality.


In addition it produces a favorable condition in the blood that parasites like fleas, ticks, mites and mosquitoes don’t like so they tend to go elsewhere and not molest you or your pet.

I find this to be a great side-effect from consuming something that is completely safe and actually good for your pet. If you believe as I do its not hard to imagine that such a versatile and powerful substance can come directly from nature.

Allicin is another example of how nature brings to the world highly effective nutraceuticals to help heal the human and animal condition. Don’t go running out to the local Health Food Store to look for it you won’t find it there, just yet.

For now there are few companies with unique products that contain Stabilized Allicin (as far as I know).

Personally I prefer a unique Allicin supplement product – Alligin. What I like about Alligin is the addition of Ginger. The combination of Ginger and Allicin together creates a synergistic effect that is much more powerful and effective than either herb is by itself; the results have been pretty amazing. Since it is in a powder form giving it to my pets is simple just put it in their food or on a treat they love it!

I have tried other garlic products that are available over the counter and they simply don’t make the grade at all. My pets did not like them and I did not either.

There is also has a new product called AlliGEL which is a combination of Aloe Vera and Allicin in a gel form that you can apply directly to the skin making it ideal for all bites, stings and cuts as well as healing infected wounds. Really easy to apply to the cuts and bites my pets sometimes get. This will make a great addition to my medicine cabinet and it will work for me too!

Also, you can just apply the AlliGEL directly to your pets skin under their hair 2 or 3 times a week and those pesky buggers will take a permanent vacation to other parts!

My go to for ordering these products is "our sponsors" listed below.

I know you will find it an easy and enjoyable process to get your products there. I certainly did and it has been a true blessing for my companion, Zeb.

Dr. Josling's Allicin Center

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