Fluoridation – The Doorway To A Life Of Poor Health

Fluoride In Your Water Is a Pathway To Life-long Problems and Poor Health

We are hearing more and more about fluoride and the discussion in many communities about whether or not to put it into the tap water has often been heated.

The issue is whether or not people should have a choice, and should a less than well documented item be used that some say is a benefit, but has a growing pile of evidence showing that the exact opposite is true – it is HARMFUL!

The saddest part of all of this is the fact that there was not, has not, nor will ever be any need or even reason to use fluoride in anything at all!

This perpetrated scam started in earnest back in 2001 when the CDC reported in their Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report for August 17,2001 – Vol. 50 – No. RR-14 and titled "Recommendations for Using Fluoride to Prevent and Control Dental Caries in the United States".

On Page 4 they said: "fluoride’s predominate effect is after the tooth comes into the mouth and on the surface of the tooth."

Ok, that is plain enough, but this raises the question as to what happens when we actually ingest it? Whether it is in our toothpaste, mouthwash, dental product, water, food, jucies or anything else – we are not just putting it into our mouths and out, but actually consuming it from a small amount to perhaps a very large amount.

The CDC, the EPA, Public Health officials local and state, have ignored this question and have never given any answer to US the public.

Are we not supposed to be "informed" of something that may be very harmful to us or to our families? Are we not supposed to be able to "choose" whether or not we think this may be good to do or not good? Why then has this been thrust upon so many of us without any choice or say so?

There does not seem to be an answer to these questions from any of them.

Laughably, one of the arguments that is used to justify the use of fluoride, especially in our drinking supply, is that – well, yes, the fluoride comes to your tap but  it is your choice to turn on the tap and drink the water, shower, do laundry, etc.

OK, please close your mouth now. This really is their answer when posed the question. As if anyone can simply not use the water in their home in today’s world – What an absurd idea!

Another side-splitting argument used is that fluoride is not a "drug" but is in fact a "nutrient". Say what!

A TOXIC chemical that is a waste by-product of the fertilizer, aluminum and steel industry is a nutrient? And you got your degree from what university did you say? I really want to know so I can make certain that my children don’t go there – ever!

Hmmm, well if this is a "nutrient" – please tell me just why the CDC and the ADA say that tooth decay is a "chronic infection". And why then does the FDA state that fluoride is an "unapproved" drug?

Does that mean that my Vit. C and D are really another unapproved drug then? Please somebody clear this up for us the confused public! (sarcasm!!)

There is more than enough evidence that fluoridation has virtually NO effect on the incidence of tooth decay. Studies have been done comparing communities that do fluoridate their drinking water and those that do not.

Both populations have virtually the SAME RATES of tooth decay. The fluoride did nothing for the supposed purpose it was introduced in the first place – what it did do though was create in those fluoridated communities was a vastly increased incidence of dental fluorosis – the discoloration and eventual mottling of the teeth which means a choice of living with the discolored and unattractive teeth OR ponying up the cash for very expensive cosmetic veneers.

But while your wallet may take a hit, much more important than this is that actual real debilitating health effects have been linked over and over to the use of fluoride.

A Dr. Phyllis Mullenix proved that fluoride had adverse affects on the brain. For her outstanding work, she was FIRED and told that here work "was no longer relevant to dentistry".

Opps, guess she should have been less good at her job, or less honest as too often happens. Then she might still be employed by them.

There are Peer-reviewed studies that show there are adverse effects on the thyroid gland and the pineal gland.

What about the studies showing a very positive link between fluoride and bone damage?

Is any of these people paying even the slightest attention?

But here is the best yet – In 2001, as part of her doctoral thesis for a dental degree, Elise Bassin at Harvard’s Dental School, demonstrated a connection between fluoride and bone cancer in adolescent boys. Now that should have been an important and newsworthy discovery.

However, when she submitted her paper and finding to Dr. Chester Douglas, the head of the Dental School, he apparently found it necessary to omit that singular fact when he released her thesis.

Now why would any head of a college department, especially one at Harvard, do such an unethical thing? Could it be that he was currently on the payroll of the Colgate-Palmolive Company?

Well, somehow, years later, Bassin’s original findings were found and released. This prompted Harvard to do an investigation on the incident with particular attention on Dr. Douglas. Well good for them, BUT.

And this is a very nasty, slimy, you really did this "but" – during the investigation, Dr. Douglas gave Harvard a $2,000.000.00 donation!

And the result of the investigation – big shock – Dr. Douglas was exonerated completely. Can anyone say "payoff"!

This sad story demonstrats that in today’s world, money counts much more than any personal integrity no matter how prestigious the person or the organization. And this has been the story for many years.

What started out in 1945 as an experimental program, without any health studies being done then either, has turned into a giant cash cow for the industries that produce this toxic chemical as a waste product to their processes. They now had a way to not only get rid of their waste but to actually sell it for a huge profit. Can’t you just see the board of directors licking their lips over the up-tick in their profit margins – to the tune of millions of dollars a year.

Even if you are one of the fortunate whose community does not fluoridate your drinking water, you are not out of the woods by any means.

Daily you will eat foods or drink beverages that were produced with fluoridated water. In fact, almost anything off the shelf will contain some portion of fluoride in it that you consume right along with the product.

So, instead of the 0.7ppm now being recommended, in many cases you could be ingesting at least 8ppm of fluoride. A much higher amount that is not good.

Also, only about 50% of the fluoride we ingest is able to be eliminated by the body. The rest is stored in our tissues and accumulates over the years. As we age, this accumulation can begin to create problems for our health and longevity.

What choices do we have?

All that we can do is start locally and insist that our drinking water is not fluoridated. Request the local stores look at what products they carry and how they were produced. Do your own study of the products you buy. Ask the manufactures if they use fluoridated water.

Support companies and brands that do make the effort to remove fluoride and vote with your money.

Contact your local, state and national representatives and express your opinion and let them know you will be watching both their actions and the bills they do and do not support.

Together we can make an effective difference and eventually stop this fraud on all of us.

In the meantime, do all that you can to support your immune system and body health. Our bodies are amazing and can handle and fix a great deal when given the right things. We do have a choice and a responsibility to learn what our bodies need and how to support them. Do your homework and it will pay off big time for you.

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