Cryptosporidium – a dangerous parasite that drugs can not treat!


A Cryptosporidium infection is serious business and the medical community can offer no help as there are no drugs available that can attack this pest.

There is a natural herbal alternative that is demonstrating positive results and effectiveness far better than any drug options.

Cryptosporidium Description
A parasitic infection caused by a protozoan that comes from infected human and animal excrement, commonly found in soil and fresh water. In recent years this has become a much more widespread problem. In 1993 approximately 400,000 Milwaukee residents were reported to have developed the infection from drinking contaminated water; dozens died. Recent infections in Great Britain and Canada were also traced to contaminated water supplies and large populations were required to boil water for domestic use for several months. No effective drug medications or water-sterilants are available and this parasite remains a cause for concern.

Cryptosporidium Symptoms

Food poisoning usually affects our stomach and intestines (gastrointestinal tract). The first indication is often diarrhea and other symptoms can include feeling sick to your stomach (nauseated) and abdominal cramps.

When you first notice symptoms, how severe they are, and how long they last and are dependent the infecting organism, your age, and your overall health.

The youngest and older people may be more affected by any type of food poisoning and they will take longer to recover and are more in danger with even a mild infection.

Although most food poisoning  includes diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal cramps, some types have different or even more severe symptoms. These include weakness, numbness, confusion, and tingling of the face, hands and feet.

Cryptosproidium Treatment Options
Your are very limited in potential treatments. There is no drug that has been found to yet cure it. Some drugs like paromycin may reduce some of the symptoms of the infection and there are other drugs being tested.

Second, you have the option of using an all natural extract of garlic called Alligin. Which has demonstrated that it can be effective keeping in mind that treatment is a longer term option.


What Actually Works
Drugs may help some symptoms, but will not kill the parasite itself.

According to Dr. Peter Josling, using the all natural garlic product Alligin seems to offer the best option to rid yourself of this pest and the cryptosporidium Infection

Using any naturally based product is always the better choice.


Cryptosporidium Treatment Regimen
Treatment needs to be aggressive and prolonged to have a chance of destroying this parasite. A large dose of up to 9 Alligin capsules (up to 1800 mg) a day should be taken all at once or spread throughout the day. It would also be sensible to take 10 drops of AliGell formula in fruit juice twice a day for the treatment period. Results will depend on each individual’s response – but don’t be afraid to persevere as the allicin can only do you good.


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