German Hunt For Deadly E-Coli Source Increased


Search for Germany E-Coli Infection intensified.


This is important to all of us as there are now reports of this infection showing up in many countries including our USA.

Germany wants to find the source of this dangerous infection and if they can do that it would make it much easier to trace possibly contaminated items and stop them going to market.

Germany has set a task force to attempt to do just that in the hopes of stopping any more deaths.

The basic response to this outbreak has been for authorities to tell you to avoid some raw vegetables. Only problem with that is just how are they determining what vegetables are contaminated? This is impacting the German farmers and others like the Spanish produce industry.

Somehow or other, reports were put out that the infection was on Spanish cucumbers – just how that was determined no one seems to know. The result of this report was that all kinds of Spanish produce was not sellable in other EU countries.

The fact that this roomer has no basis at all in fact did not seem to make difference. What makes this even more silly is that the media was reporting this in a way that led people to believe that the Vegetables themselves were the source of the contamination.

Hmmm, apparently a lot of people did not get the fact that this is an E-Coli outbreak. E-Coli is a bacteria that comes from the guts of animals not plants!

So the "source" of this outbreak has to be some sort of farm, meat producing company, factory farm where E-Coli is a normal course of doing business. At least it is in today’s world with such poor conditions in far too many of these places.

What the media is failing badly to do is to simply let people know that you can greatly reduce your chance of getting an infection simply by washing your vegetables very, very well before eating them.

Also, you can cook them after washing and this should work for almost everyone. Now, there is on 100% guarantee that you will never get unlucky and miss something. It can happen.

So, as an additional layer of protection, it might be a good idea to have on hand and take regularly Dr. Jolsing’s Alligin product.

That has a know track record of working against E-Coli and other nasty bacterial bugs. Combining this with washing and being careful of your veggies can give you the ;most possible protection you can have for your family.

It seems to be doing the job for me as there has been not stomach, intestinal, or whatever problem in the last few years since we have been using Alligin.

So, it should do well for you too. Check out Dr. Josling’s E-book and you can read about E-Coli and a lot more.



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