Government says Economic Crisis Over – Did You Miss These Things?



Our Economic Crisis is growing worse and no end is in sight!

No one needs to tell you that you have a lot less money in your pocket today than 5 years ago (even 1 year ago) or that everything is costing a lot more than it used to.

Want an example: to buy a fun memorial day cookout today will cost you 30 % MORE than it did just 1 single year ago! Did you get that – 30% price rise in just one year – yet inflation is not an issue and the economy is growing according to Obama’s administration.

The rhetoric from Ben Bernake, Brack Obama and especially the mainstream media all tells us that our economic crisis is gone and we are in the middle of an economic recovery. Yes of course we are.

The reality is that we are in the worst shape we have ever been and that includes the Great Depression of last century. And it is going to be a whole lot worst in the coming year or two – mark those words.

This actually impacts all of us and while it may not seem to be germane to say MRSA Treatment or other diseases, it actually is as how the economy goes has a direct effect on what we can and can not do with our everyday health or any health problems we have. What we are doing to stay healthy today may soon be replaced because we have to eat – and the cost for that is going up like a rocket.

The Federal Reserve has been printing miles high piles of money and the U.S. government has been borrowing and spending at a record pace. Obama is the most fiscally irresponsible president we have ever had and congress is right there too.

The economy only appears to be some better because the Fed is buying up our debt, but don’t forget that at some point they will demand their cash back and guess who is going to pay that bill – YOU.

For those of you who still have your head buried in the sand and don’t think we a in a real pickle and actually believe the foolish talk from the administration – consider these points:

1. While Obama claims a recovery for the last 23 months – an average of 23,000 jobs a month have been created – Good right? Not at all as it takes around 150,000 jobs a MONTH just to keep up with the population growth. And that does not consider the jobs we need to recover that have been lost.

2. During this recession, between 6.3 and 7.5 MILLION JOBS have been lost. Over the time of the "Obama recovery" 23 months we have added about 535,000 jobs to the market. So Obama when can we expect to see the REST of the JOBS being reclaimed and people going back to work?

3. While 535,000 jobs have been created in the supposed Obama recovery of the last 23 months, only about 35,000 of them are PERMANAENT full-time jobs. Not good.

4. In fact of all jobs in the U.S today about 41% of them are low income jobs (read minimum wage or less) and a family can not live on a single minimum wage or even a single person. If the economy is recovering so well, then why can’t it produce a large number of good paying jobs that allow people to provide for their families like it used to do?

5. If our economy is recovering, then how come our factory shipments are below 2008 levels?

6. If our economy is recovering, then why is it that are imports of overseas goods are growing much faster than our exports – we have the largest differences ever between our exports and imports.

7. And our housing market, recovering? Then why does Zillow say that the average price of a U.S.A. home is about 8% LOWER today than it was a year ago. It is continuing to fall about 1 % a MONTH. The first quarter of 2001 saw home values decline at the fastest rate since late 2008. What recovery do we have? Home prices and purchases are a direct indicator of just how well we are really doing. As are the number of new constructions which have virtually disapeared across the country.

8. The people get it as a new survey found that 54% feel that a housing recovery is "unlikely" until at least 2014. Not sure why they picked that year but that is what it said. Regardless, it just shows how little confidence everyone has in the real estate market which reflects the whole economy.

9. The latest GDP numbers out of Japan show a total disaster in their economy by dropping an amazing 3.7 percent in ONE QUARTER. This will likely continue and are you hearing about the problems in the EU and elsewhere? It is all coming to a head and a title wave is heading toward all of us. Maybe sooner than we think.

10. The Congress is soon going to vote once again on raising the debt ceiling. It is a great time for our lawmakers to see to look tough to their constituents. But it is just a sound bite and photo op as it is going to be raised because it has to be. All it is providing right now is a lot of hot air and a tiny bit of reduction in the budget that is going to have no effect at all on our overall debt bill.

11. Where are the manufacturing factories and jobs at today? They have gone to other countries and we have lost more than just the jobs. Take Detroit today – they have over 33,000 abandoned housed, 70 schools permanently closed down, and the mayor wants to bulldoze about 1/4 of the city! Where is the "recovery" in this city Obama? And most every city in our country has some sort of similar story.

12. A new survey of the Baby Boomers now fear that at their retirement, instead of living the good life, they will be living in poverty. How is our government going to take care of them? Think they will even try?

13. Back in 2006, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics said that about 5 MILLION Americans were being hired every single month! Today – we are hiring about 3.5 million a month. And most of those are low wage jobs to boot. So where is the recovery when less jobs are being created not more?

14. A huge number of people have given up and left the work force since last August – about 2 million of them. According to Obama, this has been a period of "growth" – where then is the growth?

15. A change in the feeling of the public has taken place. Back a year ago at this time, about 41 percent of Americans believed the economy was actually getting better. Today that figure is down to 27%! But everything is better?

16. The U.S. Census is reporting that the number of children living in poverty has gone up by about 2 million in the last 2 years. Currently 1 in 4 children is on food stamps. What has obama and Ben Bernanke been saying – the economy is getting better. Tell that to those new parents and kids on food stamps Obama – they will disagree with you.

17. Are you aware of just how many of us are receiving some sort of government money? The figure will shock you – about 59% of all Americans are receiving federal government money in one form or another. All U.S. households currently receive MORE Income from the government than they are paying to the government in taxes. Everyone hates to have their taxes raised and benefits cut – but how will this continue when the money has to be borrowed to pay us? What happens when the banks want their load paid?

18. The total debt of the major GSEs (that’s Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Sallie Mae) has gone from 3.2 trillion in 2008 to an astounding 6.4 trillion in 2011 – DOUBLED! Just how does anyone figure we are going to be able to afford to guarantee all of that debt on top of what we have taken out in the "bailouts"? It is not really possible.

19. The U.S. National Debt is so huge that it is almost beyond comprehension. Currently it is at more that 14 TRILLION DOLLARS. The government borrows $168,000,000.00 (that’s million) dollars every single HOUR. If one of the richest people in the world, Bill Gates gave all of his fortune to the government, it would pay for our debt for a tiny 15 days – that’s all!

With all of these figures and what they represent being in our faces – how can our politicians tell us that everything is going fine and we will be ok? And if you believe them despite what you see around you and what is happening to you – what does that say about you?

We need to wake up and do something before it comes all crashing down our ears. There are things we could do – but the political will and the populist will needs to be there.

Sad to say, right now, that is a distant dream. But this dream could become real if we all want it bad enough.



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