Greater Risk of MRSA, CRKP, More With TEPCO Confirming Nuclear Meltdown At Fukushima Reactor!


Fukushima Reactor Meltdown now confirmed by TEPCO - their lies putting us all at greater risk of MRSA, CRPK, Auto-Immune infections and more!

TEPCO has now actually admitted to the public that is was NOT telling the truth about the severity of the damage in the No. 1 reactor at Fukushima.

It is what was suspected by many other experts all along – that the nuclear fuel rods were totally exposed and have suffered a nuclear meltdown. This has and is releasing vast amounts of radiation that is at least comparable to Chernobyl.

The difference is that Chernobyl was a much shorter lived event and Fukushima is on-going and there really is no end in sight. What this means for all of us is frightening.

Bloomberg news is now reporting that the water level in reactor No. 1 is one meter below the fuel assembly itself exposing the rods and allowing them to heat to such a degree that they have melted and dropped to the bottom of the pressure vessel. They also feel that there are likely holes in the reactor  pressure vessel and that the melted fuel rods may have melted down into the containment vessel.

This is a much more serious situation than they have thought – ok, now you figure that one out. The explosion and clouds and the visible radiation beam did not give anyone a clue?

As usual, they are still down-playing just how serious this is and have yet to actually call it a "nuclear meltdown".

AP reports that:

Nuclear Industrial and Safety Agency officials said the new data indicates that it is likely that partially melted fuel had fallen to the bottom of the pressurized vessel that holds the reactor core together and possibly leached down into the drywell soon after the March 11 quake and tsunami that struck Japan’s northeastern coast.

This also means that there would have to have been a massive release of radiation. Kind of explains why the TEPCO radiation detectors maxed out and became non-functional.

Yet STILL here in the USA, the mainstream media has failed miserably to report on much of anything about the state of the reactors. There is a blurb every now and them but nothing at all substantial and no mention at all of any radiation levels or dangers or anything else. It is a blatant disregard of the potential dangers and completely irresponsible of both mainstream media and our own government to not tell us all the truth.

Are they afraid that we all will go screaming into the hills or what? It will not do you much good to panic as there is not a whole lot you can do about this. But to have no mention and when you do, all we hear from our government is nothing but lies, mis-direction and "don’t worry everything is just fine" smokescreen.

Well, just how do we know Mr. Obama, when your administration has stopped monitoring any radiation, stopped any independents from reporting their readings as many universities did at first, and lie to the American people and say everything is fine while you raise the acceptable level of exposure limits by 1000 to 100,000 times just because you say so!

This is beyond the usual governmental bull that we have come to expect from this administration – this is now a public health issue that apparently the government does not care anything about.

One estimate I read on the actual effects of this disaster comes out to this: under the previous standards for radiation exposure – 1 in 1,000,000 persons would get cancer – but under the new levels that could be as high now as 1 person in 10,000!

That is a change of 10,000 Per Cent! How can the Obama administration justify that sort of change! Would anyone from there like to explain this to the American People?

Now it makes sense that our government has announced that it will not longer be monitoring the levels of radiation around our country with the detectors that still work. Seems that a whole lot of them are out of commission due to maintenance issues – wow how surprising that is to hear.

So, the result of all of this is not something that is pleasant to even think about. Everyone in this country, actually the entire planet, is going to be affected by this radiation that is pouring out of the reactors.

All of our food crops, all of our meat supply, all of our homes, all of us are going to be exposed to a lot more radiation than is safe and there will be consequences both soon and long term.

The worst problems will likely be showing up in a number of years – that is our cancer rates will be going way up. By then, our government will likely come up with another fiction as to why that is happening since the Fukushima problem will likely have been completely forgotten by the American Public. We seem to have a very short memory in this country anymore and any event gets displaced by the newest jucy story.

I have no idea what the end result will be. I can tell you that I am doing all that I can to minimize the effects of any radiation exposure. That means eating healthy, washing everything as thoroughly as possible, avoiding milk and milk products since radiation concentrates in cows quickly and trying to find greenhouse grown produce to avoid as much contamination as possible on my fresh veggies.

Anything grown outside is going to be exposed to some increased levels of radiation and that will only accumulate as time goes on until they put a stop to any more releasing from the reactors. Don’t hold your breath that it will be controlled at all even by the end of this year. But I remain hopeful.

Along with watching the food you eat, there are a number of other things you can do to help out.

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