Having A TSA Scan and/or Pat-down May Increase Your Risk Of MRSA – CRKP Infection

TSA Scan and Pat-down may increase your risk of a MRSA or CRKP Infection

Here is a new wrinkle in the absurd TSA scanner boondoggle.

While there is not yet hard evidence on this, a conversation I had with a friend the other day got me to thinking and doing a bit of research.

The question we had concerned the possible increased risk of getting a MRSA or CRKP infection after being exposed to the TSA scan and likely an additional pat-down by a TSA agent.

Here is what I found out and my conclusions.

MRSA and even CRKP bacteria are pretty tough little germs. They survive a whole host of things and you can become infected when you come into contact with one of these guys through any sort of cut, scratch or scrap on your skin.

Now, one thing that helps keep you from getting infected is actually the whole varied host of bacteria we all have on our skin all the time.

These guys actually help us in fending off the bad bugs we don’t want to be infected with and they too are on the skin of all of us most of the time.

The problem is that these more friendly bacteria are not very strong and the mildest of antibacterial soaps or cleansers will do them in. Now that is not a huge problem most of the time as they quickly grow back as we go about our daily lives.

So what about the TSA body scanners then. You are getting your "whole body" irradiated with a pretty strong dose of radiation. And that is IF and this is a very big IF, the scanner is calibrated correctly. Should it be out of calibration, your dosage of radiation could be significantly higher, maybe even dangerously so.

Numerous tests by the TSA and independent examiners have shown tested scanners where not in correct calibration and were giving a much higher dose of radiation than they were supposed to.

Ok, let’s say that the scanner is calibrated correctly and you get your whole body scan.

You have just seriously damaged or destroyed a whole lot of the helpful bacteria on your skin leaving all the BAD bacteria to multiply freely.

Then if you have an additional, enhanced pat-down where they are actually sticking their hands inside of your pants and touching you directly – guess what just happened.

In case you did not notice, the TSA agents don’t change gloves between persons – whatever was on all the other people before you is now on their gloves and you just got a big dose of whatever that might be! Remember,  you just went through the body scanner and killed off all the good bacterial on your skin.

What just got put on you is now in one of the worst possible places for you – inside your pants or undies, where it is dark, warm, and moist – the most perfect place  for bacteria to flourish.

Now depending on how gentile or not the TSA person was during the pat-down, there will be some skin scraping and abrasions – a perfect opening for MRSA , CRKP or whatever to infect you.

There is, to my knowledge, no data whatsoever on any of this to actually know just what and how much of anything is being spread by the TSA’s supposed security procedures.

But I wonder what reaction you would receive if you went to your local health department and layed out a plan to do what the TSA does everyday. Do you think you would get approval of the very same procedures?

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that your local health department would say you are nuts to try and do anything like that and it would be a danger to the public health.

Anyone want to take bets with me on that one?

Now it gets even worse. You have passed through the TSA security and are on the plane. Now you are exposed to all the people there with what they are carrying, the poor air quality, the additional radiation exposure as you fly through the upper atmosphere, and you arrive at your destination now filled with your bad bacteria, that from the pat-down, and whatever you encountered on the plane.

Anyone a little concerned right about now? If you become sick or ill or get an infection latter, are you going to connect that with your recent plane trip a week or even several weeks eairlier? I doubt you would even think to do so, yet that may very well have been where your troubles started.

So, here we are using a supposed "security system" that is intrusive, potentially dangerous with radiation exposure, embarrassing, posing a very real public health danger, an even greater personal health danger, and now we find out that it is going to be rolled out into bus and train stations, public events like football, basketball, and baseball and who knows what else.


Instead of safer, it has greatly increased our risk of infections and damage to our bodies and immune systems from radiation. It does not work like it is supposed to do since virtually every security test that has been done by the TSA itself and other agencies has shown that you can easily get a dangerous item through the scan at least 85% of the TIME!

 If it fails so badly, just why are we doing this at all? Why do we have this ridiculous governmental agency that has done nothing to make us safer.

The TSA has drained the public of billions of dollars with much more to be spent for additional scanner and personnel as Obama has ordered at least 1500 more units.

It is forcing us to be subjected to procedures that if done by anyone else would place that person in jail as a sex-offender.

And it claims that all this is necessary to fight off some nameless, unknown enemy that for 10 years has done nothing else to show their hate for America since the terrible 9/11.

The TSA is obviously not capable of offering any protection to us the public and is an actual danger to our health and well being. This agency needs to be disbanded and better and more effective and LESS intrusive methods developed to help secure our public transportation.

Other countries have done it so what is our problem? It is time to change what we are doing and start living our lives again and not being afraid of the “bogeyman”. There will always be a bogeyman wanting to do us harm, but who can or would want to live their life hiding from everything in the world.

The additional Health Risks the TSA subjects us to each day are far worse than any incident that may happen in my opinion. It is time for the TSA to go the way of the dinosaurs – it is obsolete.

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