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A Study that demonstrates Alligin’s effectiveness with Hay Fever

The survey was designed to determine whether stabilised allicin at a daily dose of 400 mg could prevent the classic hay fever attack amongst volunteers who have suffered for some years. Using a simple 5 point scoring system to grade the severity of any hay fever attacks, we found that the overall average score was 3.95, indicating that stabilised allicin capsules (Alligin) were able to control hay fever very well. Over 80% of volunteers reported a significant reduction in the number of challenges throughout the study period, Only two volunteers needed to resort to drug treatment (known as rescue medication) for an attack.

Against a backdrop of increased use of pharmaceutical chemical antihistamines a look at natural alternatives for the symptomatic relief of hay fever was a needed step.

Historically many types of garlic preparation, varying from fresh, crushed raw garlic to heavily processed powder products have been used to treat diseases of respiratory origin including asthma, bronchitis, allergies and inflammation. Interestingly it has been shown that garlic extracts are capable of inhibiting histamine release from basophils and mast cells as well as inhibiting lipoxygenase in neutrophils. For many years garlic has been used extensively in Third World countries as a simple, modestly effective treatment for a wide range of respiratory diseases.

Recently, allicin-containing supplements have demonstrated significant antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties, including the prevention of the common cold.

The many garlic supplements marketed worldwide do vary widely by type and definition of active constituents. Increasing evidence has shown that certain forms of supplement may have significant beneficial properties, provided that the universally recognized active constituent (allicin) is made available to the body.

This survey was designed to determine whether a unique garlic supplement containing only stabilized allicin could prevent the classic hay fever attack among volunteers who have suffered for some years.

Following recruitment through a local radio station, 29 volunteers were enrolled in the late spring. A diary was designed in which each volunteer recorded general well-being for the study period of 35 days.

A five-point scale was used:
5 = Well, no problems
4 = Quite well with occasional sneeze
3 = Can feel an attack coming on some minor symptoms
2 = Feeling low and definitely suffering
1 = Full hay fever attack with symptoms listed

Volunteers were instructed to record the number and variety of symptoms, the day recovery began, and the day they felt completely better.

They were asked to take 2 capsules of stabilised allicin (2 Alligin  = 400 mg) each day with food in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Volunteers were also told that if a full hay fever attack occurred, they could revert to drug treatment if necessary. This was recorded in the diary.

The pollen count was recorded every day throughout the study period using both local and national information sources.

• The overall AVERAGE SCORE was 3.95 indicating that
stabilised allicin was able to control hay fever very well Over 80% of volunteers reported a significant reduction in the number of challenges throughout the study period.

• Only 2 volunteers needed to resort to drug treatment for an attack

• Most volunteers were impressed with the treatment and claimed that their hay fever was ‘much better’ controlled with allicin (Alligin).

• Volunteers reported far fewer symptoms than they expected with big reductions in ‘sore eyes’, ‘runny nose’, ‘itching at the back of the throat’, ‘sneezing’ and ‘tiredness’.

• Everyone found stabilised allicin easy to take and did not report any side-effects. There were no reports of smell whilst taking this product.

Generally, the volunteers reported that allicin was easy to take and effective. Although the treatment did not work for everyone and some comments indicated that the ‘season’ was finishing, most volunteers were extremely positive and included observations that previous drug treatment had never really removed all symptoms. People were more
able to go about their normal daily routine without interruption from troublesome symptoms.

One gentleman reported being able to play golf 3 times a week without any problems – apart from the golf!

Another young lady was able to sit out on fresh mown lawn for the first time since her hay fever symptoms developed in her teens. Other unsolicited comments included volunteers being able to mix and socialise without worrying about running nose and streaming eyes.

The pilot investigation clearly shows that allicin-based supplements do show an ability to prevent allergic reaction to pollen and may indeed offer a safe and natural alternative to pharmaceutical preparations. The treatment should be started as early as possible and continued throughout the season.

For many people, stabilized allicin represents a real chance to reduce the number of compromises hay fever sufferers have to make each year. Because Alligin is all natural, has no side effects, and has no garlic order, it is the best choice of all the options available. It is the best choice among garlic products, and a far better choice than any over-the-counter products or prescription drugs.

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