Hay Fever

Hay Fever – mild to debilitating – almost everyone suffers!

Hay Fever

 Adding an all natural herbal product to your hay fever list may just be the best choice of all to finally help control the hay fever attacks and lessen the symptoms. The best part is that there is no side effects or interactions that you need to be concerned with as you would with OTC products or meds.

Hay Fever Description
Hay fever is an allergic reaction to airborne pollen from trees, grasses and other plants characterised by inflammation of the membrane lining the nose and sometimes the conjunctiva. There are something approaching 200 million sufferers of hay fever worldwide and this is increasing significantly.There are approximately 12 million sufferers of hay fever in the UK and more than 75 million in the USA.



An allergic reaction is caused when the immune system mistakenly identifies a normally harmless substance as a threat. The reason why some people are allergic to substances such as pollen is unknown but it is thought that the cause is genetic.

The body’s allergic response is triggered by the immune system reacting with mast cells that are found in or near a variety of organs and tissues including the nose, lungs, skin, eyes and blood vessels. These mast cells contain high concentrations of histamine which is released when stimulated by the body’s immune defences.

Hay Fever Symptoms

 Symptoms of hay fever include:
• a congested and itchy nose
• a constantly running nose
• eyes become itchy and watery
• eyelids become swollen and itchy
• breathing can become difficult
• there may be loss of taste and hearing
• dry cough
• headache

Symptoms vary from mild discomfort to those that are so severe that the sufferer cannot even go outdoors.

Also high or low pollen counts can induce differing reactions which can vary according to the time of day and also weather conditions.


Hay Fever Treatment Options

While some pharmaceutical treatments are effective, patients often complain of side-effects and ask for a natural solution if possible

Antihistamines are the most common form of treatment, especially in over-the-counter products..

Antihistamines are used to prevent the release of histamine from mast cells or to diminish the effect after the histamine has been released. Oral antihistamines are probably the most convenient treatment for most people. The newer types or non-sedating antihistamines are better tolerated and include Clarityn, Benadryl and Zirtek. However, these can take up to 24 hours before they start working.

Antihistamines differ in their duration of action and in side-effects. Generally the newer non-sedating products are longer acting and have fewer side-effects than the older drugs and all products noted above are available for sale without prescription from pharmacies. Antihistamines available on prescription include Telfast and Neoclarityn (non-sedating) and Vallergan and Atarax (sedating).

Patients often prefer eye drops and nasal sprays since these are perceived as more efficacious due to direct application. Users must be reminded not to use this type of product when wearing contact lenses. Patients suffering from conditions such as glaucoma should avoid this type of product. Nasal sprays such as beclomethasone are available for sale through pharmacies and work by reducing inflammation and mucous production. It should not be used in cases of nasal infection and the product must be used with care.

While evidence is sketchy on the use of herbal remedies to treat seasonal allergic rhinitis, history shows that at least one has been reported as effective for hayfever treatment.


What Actually Works

There is a multitude of OTC items that offer some relief, but they only mask the symptoms and let you get through your day. Often when they wear off, your symptoms come back even stronger making you even more miserable.

There are stronger medications your doctor can give you, but again they mask the symptoms although for a longer time than OTC products, but they eventually will wear off and you have to continue taking them up to a maximum dosage and with some side effects because they are drugs.

A better choice for hayfever remedies would be to use an all natural product that is easy to take and gives real relief both for the symptoms and to reduce the length of the problem.

 According to Dr. Peter Josling, using the all natural product Alligin offers a  no side effect option for suffers – a far better choice to finally find hayfever relief..


Hay Fever Treatment Regimen

A daily dose of just 2 capsules per day (approximately 400mg per day) can dramatically reduce the number of hay fever attacks that sufferers are likely to experience.


Buy Hay Fever Treatment Now

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