Hey MOM – Those Christmas Cookies and Snacks May Be Harming Your Children and You

Store bought Christmas cookies and snacks look great but have a hidden danger in their artificial food coloring that is likely to be causing behavioral problems in your kids.

Well it is that time of year again when everyone goes all out with the gatherings, parties, family members coming in – and everyone celebrating the holidays.

What could be better.

But there is a hidden problem hiding in all of those wonderful festive store-bought Christmas cookies and chips that have the seasons colors and look so great on the table.

They may be causing side effects in your children or even you – effects such as hyperactivity, attention problems, behavioral problems.

How are you asking? Because nearly all Christmas colored foods get their colors through the use of artificial coloring chemicals especially Red # 40.

There is nothing natural or good about these colors and even though they are "approved" by the FDA, there are serious questions as to whether they should ever have been used in the first place. But they are in virtually all boxed and caned food products today.

These artificial coloring chemicals are actually derived from col tars! They are synthesized in chemical reactions in large chemical plants and then shipped to the food manufactures to be used in their products. And the only reason to put them in those products is to "make them look good". They serve no other purpose.

For example, nearly all "guacamole" products that you find at the grocery store, such as the guacamole dips and even chips, use this artificial green coloring chemicals to fool you into thinking you are purchasing a product made with real avocados. There is usually no avocados in sight in these products – take a look at the ingredients list and you will see for your self.

The real problem with this is that more and more scientific studies are linking these artificial food coloring chemicals to various behavioral disorders in our kids that are put under the general banner of ADHD. And we all know just how prevalent that is the child population today.

The reality is that these artificial food chemicals are capable of altering human brain chemistry and function. Now combine this with the highly refined sugars and wheat ingredients very typically found in so many of the holiday treats, and you have a recipe for disaster for the holiday. Much more so than normal as the consumption of all those great looking treats goes way, way up during this festive season.

If you want to really have peace on Earth during your holiday season, do avoid buying the tons of Christmas items found at the local store. Remember they are ALL made with the artificial red and green food coloring chemicals.

Try making your own and using natural colorings if you want them to look like a holiday treat. A little effort on your part may just make the entire holidays actually fun instead of a constant battle with the kids.

If you don’t think this is an issue, try feeding your kids a bunch of these items and see how their behavior changes over a week – you might just be shocked when you start paying attention.

So, we wish you a happy holiday – one without the kids driving you up the wall.

Dr. Josling's Allicin Center

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