Iowa Republicans criminalize any video of abused animals at factory farms!

Iowa Republicans Place Iowan and others at greater health risk with nutty new law and attack freedome of speech too!


Ok, sorry to say, but I have come to the conclusion that most "representatives" at the local, state and especially federal level, are from a bit off their rocker to totally batty and should be considered for commitment to a mental facility – my opinion.

But now we have a wonderful example of just exactly how crazy or maybe "bought off" some state representatives actually are. (Let’s leave the nut cases in Washington alone for this article)

The State of Iowa, in their great wisdom and desire to serve the people of their state, have just passed a bill that now makes it a Criminal Offense to document or expose any animal abuse in a factory farm or commercial operation!

The bill actually passed by a 66 to 27 vote. At least some of the Iowa politicians see this as a ridiculous farce.

This bill has just placed all the residents of Iowa and anyone else that consumes a product created in one of the factory farms at an even greater health risk. Now no one will be able to uncover abuses and health hazards at any operation without risking a criminal record and prison time! That puts a bit of a damper on a reporter or individual who wants to protect the public and help make these operations at least somewhat humane and safer for the consumer.

First amendment rights advocates are already calling it an "assault" on freedom of speech and a serious damper on investigative reporting.

Take a look at some of the main regulations that this piece of drivel actually contains:

1. Outsiders are banned from documenting or creating any kind of record of sounds or images heard or seen at commercial animal farms. A "record" can be" any sort of printed, inscribed, visual, or audio information that is placed or stored on a tangible medium, and that may be accessed in a perceivable form, including but not limited to any paper or electronic format."

2. Disruptions of "animal maintenance" are forbidden, meaning that any documentation of unsanitary or inhumane conditions could be considered a "disruption" of farm operations and so would fall under this provision and be punishable by this law.

3. Producing or distributing a record of the animal facility could result in a guilty charge of "animal facility interference." So make sure you don’t use your cameras or video recorder or away you will fly to jail and not pass go.

4. Someone can be charged with "animal facility fraud" for obtaining employment at the factory farm for the purpose of obtaining evidence of abuse.

Right – let’s make it criminal to actually want to change the horrific conditions at these factory farms and tell any investigative reporter that they will go to jail for doing their job.

Yes, these representatives really want an open, free, democratic society with openness and civility – what a total joke!

It is a responsibility and a tradition in this country of truth-revealing documentaries, exposés, and photo documentation of animal abuse and public dangers in any factory farm. (and in other industries too)

A first offense gives you an aggravated misdemeanor. A second offense may result in a class "D" felony.

The result of this law is that any Iowan who attempts to expose the inhumane and torturous conditions that are the norm in most factory farms will face the real prospect of a permanent record and time as a guest of the state behind bars.

This bill is a transparent ploy by the factory farm industry to completely cover up any and all of their actions and how they run their businesses.

Where are the enforcement of the current animal cruelty laws? Where is the humane society and the outcry against what is going on? How will the few brave souls who want to expose this now be able to do anything?

This bill also directly attacks every consumer who wants to be informed as to just where their meat or other product comes from and just how it is produced.  A LOT of people in this country can and do vote with their wallets when the real information about products is known.

The people of Iowa should be outraged at this co-opting of their rights and choice.

The representatives who voted for this draconian new law should literally be impeached from their office as they plainly do not represent or even care about the welfare of their constituents.

Will Iowan’s stand up and make enough noise to have this piece of drivel repealed – do enough of you actually care where what you eat comes from or what may be in there that could harm you or your family.

Only time will tell, but if one state is doing this, it is a given that others not be far behind.

Factory farms are dangerous to themselves and are placing even regular farm produce at risk and hence the public at risk because of their unsanitary practices.

Contamination of e-coli and more from these farm operations is the primary cause of the disease outbreaks coming from our vegetables.

A little investigation shows that in almost every outbreak, somewhere around the problem produce farm, you will find one or more animal factory farm. But little is usually done or investigated about that by the health authorities.

Do they know the real source? I believe that they do and choose to gloss over it when possible – sad to say.

We all want inexpensive meat, but what are we doing to are selves in the meantime. Perhaps it IS time to change our ways.

In the meantime, you had better keep your immune system in good condition because you never know if that next bite of vegetables or salad is going to land you in the hospital or worse.

You might get a dose of E-Coli, MRSA, CRKP or something else that you did not count on.

Think it can not happen to you, think again.

Dr. Josling's Allicin Center

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