MRSA Like Superweeds – a Looming Threat For Everyone

Superweeds Threaten The World's Food Crop Land and All of US!


Yes you read that correctly.

MRSA in the plant world is now a threat to you and me and everyone’s health and well being. Perhaps the greatest threat of any that we know. And it is not something that we can afford to take lightly.

Corporate greed is at the heart of this – greed that appears to know no bounds or have even a slight concern for the well-being of the planet or those living on it – US.

Many people understand that GMO crops are dangerous – should be banned from use – are already in the food chain perhaps permanently  – are and will continue to cause huge problems – and maybe, just maybe, will never be gotten rid of now that they have been released into the environment to cross-breed with native plants.

The next step in Monsanto’s agenda  is the deliberate release and implementation of GMO alfalfa – something that is utterly not needed at all!

Today at least 90% of ALL Alfalfa crops use NO pesticides in their growth. Why then a GMO that is resistant to pesticides – it makes no sense. Especially for a crop that is basic to the worlds food production and meat industry!

This is the height of insanity and yet, our USDA has gone ahead and approved the use of this frankencrop without any restrictions after it was stopped by the courts to have an environmental impact study and public comment. The study was done, the public comments were taken, and everything was ignored by our new USDA commissioner and the approval was "fast-tracked" over all objections.

How comforting it is to see the level of professionalism shown by the USDA. (sarcasm)

This is a literal world disaster in the making and this is most definitely not a joke.

GMO crops use primarily the pesticide called "Roundup" manufactured by the chemical giant Monsanto. Hence the only reason to place this new alfalfa into the marketplace – huge, huge profits for Monsanto and huge, huge problems for farmers, all food crops, and virtually everyone on the planet in just a few years.

Monsanto’s Roundup threatens the health of both the human population and the animal population around the world.  This is a fact that I am going to stand by fully.

Why and how is this going to happen? The answer to that question is pretty simple and very frightening when you understand what it is all about.

It is a known fact that over 40 different PLANT DISEASES are caused by the use of Roundup. This is due to the way in which the product works AND Monsanto has finally admitted that the use of its product has currently produced over 150 new "superweeds" – more on this one later.

The way it works is rather different than most pesticides and this is the source of the growing problems with this chemical product. Rather than directly attacking the weeds themselves, Roundup creates an environment in the soil which ramps up disease causing organisms and allows them to run wild and at the same time removes the native plants ability to naturally fend off these destructive organisms. The result is that the natives plants succumb to the different diseases but the Roundup GMO resistant plants survive – at least for now.

The main ingredient in the Roundup is a compound called glyphosate. This nasty little molecule grabs up and binds to vital nutrients in the soil making them unavailable to the plant. These nutrients are needed to help the plant fight off the naturally occurring diseases that all soil contains and also provide needed nutrition to whoever consumes the food plant.

So there you go – the Roundup stops the native plants from needed nutrient intake – boosts the harmful bacteria in the soil and lets it run rampant with the result that weeds and any unprotected (not a gene spliced plant – i.e., GMO ) food plant gets weak and dies.


Across the breadbasket of our nation, there has been a huge increase in what is called "sudden death syndrome" in food crops. When looked at more closely, this is all linked to the use of Roundup and other pesticides that also use the glyphosate compound.

Because the nutrients are bound-up by the glyphosate molecule, they remain unavailable to the plants for YEARS after only a single application. So, even if the farmer reverts to a non-GMO crop the next planting year, his yields and the viability of the crop are severely impacted because the weed killer compound is still in the soil and stopping the natural biological processes from working.

Now to make things even worse, it is becoming clear that the compound is causing a mutating effect on the various soil disease organisms and bacteria and creating new and ever more resistant SUPERWEEDS and SUPERBUGS!

This is exactly the process that has occurred in our world today that has resulted in disease organisms becoming resistant to most or all of the available antibiotics we have – they are called MRSA bacteria.

So we now have a perfect storm. MRSA bacteria in our soil harming our food plants and MRSA created superweeds that have already caused some fields to be abandoned because the farmer has no way to even begin to manage them.They crowd out any other plants including any food crops planted in those fields. And there is currently NO way to get rid of them – pesticides and even combinations of pesticides do not work.

This has happened in a very short span of time – about 10 years. While that sounds like a long time – in nature it is barely the blink of an eye.

What then could be the consequences of putting out this modified GMO alfalfa which is the basis of almost our entire food chain in one way or another?

It can only be a gigantic disaster  growing on the horizon – one that will engulf all of us and there will be no where we can go to escape it on the entire planet!

Even in nature there has been occurrences of a particular plant taking over when the natural controls were not there to limit its growth. This is the way nature works – everything is opportunistic and will grow until something else limits it to a reasonable amount.

Remove the controlling mechanism, or create something that works against the natural order such as the GMO plants do, and you now have a recipe for world-wide disaster on an unprecedented scale.

Don Huber has spent 35 years as a plant pathologist working at Prude University and knows a lot about what happens in our far soils. He, as a scientist, does not jump to conclusions, but studies the evidence and looks at all possible causes.

Don says: "This is the herbicidal mode of action of glyphosate. It increases susceptibility to disease, suppresses natural disease controls such as beneficial organisms, and promotes virulence of soilborne pathogens at the same time.

There are more than 40 diseases of crop plants that are reported to increase with the use of glyphosate, and that number keeps growing as more people recognize the association between glyphosate and disease."


When Roundup Ready crops were first shown to the farming community back in 1996, Monsanto told the farmers that their herbicide use would drop dramatically, crop yields would greatly increase and the farmer would see their incomes go way up.

The reality turned out to be very different indeed. For a few years – about 3 – herbicide use did drop. But over the next 10 years it grew much larger and has continued to increase. In the 13 years after the introduction of GMO crops by Monsanto, herbicide use in the US jumped by and incredible 383 MILLION Pounds – the largest contributor, who else but RoundUp!

Millions of acres of farmland are now infested with these new resistant weeds and this has been devastating to farmers.

The initial response of the farmers to these superweeds was to apply more weed killer in an attempt to remove them. Nearly half of the giant 13 year increase in herbicides has been done in just the last 2 years! This has really serious implications!

More than 135 million acres of Roundup crops are currently planted and diseases that at one time were under control are now causing severe hardship and destroying the use of the land itself.

In recent years entire corn fields in the Midwest bread-basket have been dying earlier and earlier due to various diseases and farmers are saying that they have never seen anything like it before.

A decade ago, corn plants stayed healthy well into September, but over the last 3 years diseases have turned the plants yellow earlier each season. In 2010 the yellowing started around July 7th for many growers!

If this trend continues, it has the potential to collapse the corn harvest in the US and threaten the entire food chain that depends on that food crop – a frightening prospect.

A decade ago, Monsanto claimed that Roundup was biodegradable stating that it quickly broke down in the soil – but they were knowingly lying as their own test data revealed that only 2% of the product broke down after 28 days. The only way this fact was discovered was because they were taken to court in the US and in Europe and the true facts were forced out for all to see.

So Monsanto’s claims have all been shown to be completely wrong.

Yields have not gone up but dropped, even worse "usable" plants that can be harvested as a good crop has been cut by as much as half of the previous before Roundup yields. A rate not seen in natural plants ever.

MORE pesticide is having to be used – double, triple and more is becoming the norm. In addition other pesticides are being used  in a vain effort to combat the invading superweeds created by Roundup and similar glyphosate based products. Pesticide use is up, crop yields down, superweeds are taking over fields,
Costs are skyrocketing – all because of the GMO lie that the farmers bought into.

Natural plant varieties have been contaminated to the point where there are NO longer any natural plants left in many parts of the country and even around the world. Everything has some "GMO" genes found in them. What the actual consequences of this will be no one can say, but the outcome is not likely to be good.

The Roundup plants have the resistance to the herbicides and can withstand their toxic effect, but they also uptake these chemicals into all parts of the plant including the part we consume as food! While the amount may be small and even below the supposed safe limits, we are not just consuming only one food crop. We consume many food crops and no one has even begun to study what effect the accumulation of all these small amounts from the different plants will do in our bodies. In essence we are the "test subjects" for the chemical companies. But I want to know, who asked me if I was willing to be a test subject for them?

Glyphosate is insidious as it  attacks from above and below the soil. It can drift over from a neighbor’s field, it can be released from dying weeds, it can travel through the soil and be taken up in healthy crops that were not treated at all.

As a result, farmers are finding that fields where Roundup was used even once are producing less than before, requiring more costly pesticide applications, have many more plant diseases showing up, and are costing far more to produce a crop than before the Roundup application. This scenario continues for YEARS in any field where Roundup was used even once. If it was used numerous years, the situation is even worse.

Each year the product is used increases the concentration in the soil and in the plants. In the case of alfalfa, a perennial plant, this can go on for 6 to 8 and more years. What then is the concentration of the chemicals in the plants that we are eating after a few years? Any clue? The simple fact is that no one knows or wants to do any study to find out.

All of us are paying more for the food produced by Roundup and its brother chemicals as more and more herbicide is used. Cost for the seeds goes up, maintenance of the fields becomes more and more difficult and expensive, and farmland is taken out of production when the farmer finally is defeated by the superweeds and there is nothing else left to do but abandon the field entirely. Less availability of any commodity means that the price we have to pay for it will go higher as will any product using that crop as one of the ingredients.

Besides paying more for our food, the food itself is providing less and less nutrition. We have for years dumped tons and tons of fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides and the like on our farmlands. Other chemicals besides the Roundup like ones also bind up nutrients in our soils.

Recently a study was done in the UK and they found that the crops contained anywhere from 16% to as much as 76% LESS nutrient levels than those found in the same food crops grown in the same soils back in 1940.

Do you understand how important this fact is? In real terms it simply means that we have to consume on average 50% MORE food to get the same nutritive value today than in 1940. How much is this simple fact contributing to our overweight population? A very good question that no one has an answer to today.

In virtually every way, GMO crops are harmful, destroying the basis of our very lives by impacting the viabiity of our crop lands, the quality of our food crops, and even threatening the ultimate survival of our plants themselves. The plants may survive the insertion of the new “genes”, but whether we as a species will is an open question. If all plants eventually contain then man-made genes, how can be ever go back to what nature has designed over millennia – is it even remotely possible?


We can not depend on the good intentions of our corporations – their only agenda is to make larger and larger profits and they simply do not care who or what they harm in the process – there are plenty more of us all over the planet to lie to and spread their propaganda to that will at first be believed.

I can not urge you enough to fight against any and every attempt to expand the use of GMO crops.

I also urge you to support a labeling law that will let the consumer decide if they want a product that contains GMO in it. Every attempt to get such a law passed has been squashed by the leaders in congress. Yet in Europe they already have such a law and as a result, virtually NO GMO crops or foods are being produced. Their people have choosen, yet we in this country are not allowed to make the choice because we are never told that GMO foods are in the products we buy. How sick is this.

The food industry and the chemical giants like Monsanto are scared to death of any labeling law – they know that it will be the death bell for their GMO crops and pesticides when consumers are allowed to choose what they want to consume. Only by forcing this on the nation with lies, half-truths, back room deals, and buying our polititions with the billions in profits they are making can they continue this fraud on we the people.

And only We The People can put a stop to this by demanding that our legislators actually do what we want and stop GMO crops, stop the every increasing use of pesticides, stop not informing us of which foods contain GMO parts. Until we take action, they will continue to control what happens to us.

While we can only do some with this threat to our well-being, we can help protect ourselves from the potential damage to our bodies and invading pathogens.

Please take a look at the products from Dr. Josling. They can help make all the difference for you and your family. There is also a F R E E e-book available that will give you a ton of information concerning some of the products they carry.

Dr. Josling's Allicin Center

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