My Dog Won’t Stop Itching He Has A Rash All Over


The question "my dog won't stop itching he has a rash all over" turned out to have an all natural solution.

My Dog won’t stop itching he has a rash all over – is a question we received from a reader. They were asking for some help with their pet’s problem or any suggestions that we might have that could help. This got me to thinking that perhaps others might have the same problem and so I decided to write an article about "My Dog won’t stop itching he has a rash all over".

Your dog’s rash is much like one we might get in that you don’t know why it got there. It can appear suddenly for no apparent reason. It can be cured easily when the right treatments are used.

Figuring out the cause is the most difficult part as there can be a number of reasons that the itching and rash has appeared.

  • Your dog may have developed an allergic condition to the different allergens around us such as molds, pollen, house dust mites and even dandruff
  • Your dog may have developed sensitivity to the environmental chemicals present all around us today. Cleaners, disinfectants, soaps, even shampoos and much more could be the cause.
  • Your dog may have developed a food allergy to the dog food you feed them or maybe you have changed their feed.
  • Your dog may have become infested with ticks, lice or even worms. Don’t take these lightly as they can become more than just an irritation to your pet. If left untreated, there is real potential to cause your pet permanent damage and even death.
  • Your dog may have a nutritional deficiency of a needed vitamin or mineral which is causing the problem.
  • Your dog may have an immune system problem where their immune system is weaker than it should be. This can open the door to all manner of infections from bacterial to viral and to attacks by insects or worms.


WHAT DO YOU DO ABOUT "My Dog won’t stop itching he has a rash all over"?

If you can figure out the reason for the rash and the itching, well and good – you have a direction to go in treatment. But this is often very difficult to do and even your vet may need to do a lot of testing to try and figure it out. All of which will be quite costly to your bank account.

There are some natural products that have a good track record in helping to relieve some of the symptoms and somewhat work against the cause of the problem.

Coconut Oil – can be used in severe skin dryness and itchiness with a soak once a week. You usually rub it in all over the affected areas and let it soak itself into the skin. Then use a very mild shampoo, preferably natural also to clean up if they are still oily.

Baking Soda – mixing baking soda with water and applying a paste to the skin may give quick relief from the itching. No guarantee as to how long that may last.

Milk of Magnesia – many have found that this is benifical for the dry, itchy and irritated skin. Put a bit onto a cotton ball and dab onto the skin.

Aloe Vera Cream or Gel – Aloe is a natural healing compound that has been used for thousands of years or both animals and humans too. It is cooling and soothing on application and when combined with the right natural compounds can carry the healing ingredients deep into the inflamed and irritated skin of your pet.

What I have found that has worked in the past for me is a whole body approach. Since generally the vet can never seem to determine the cause and simply treats with different drugs until they find one that works. Going to the vet has just resulted in lightening my wallet and still left me on my own to fix the problem.

So here is what I do and for me it works. You will have to make up your mind if you want to give this a try or not.

  1. First I change the dog food that I am using and look at any treats that I may have gotten. This addresses the food allergy problem. Be sure to look at the ingredients and compare them when you change what you are using.
  2. Then I look at adding more vitamins and minerals to the diet and including extra Vitamin C and D over what I usually give my pets. I personally feel that they need these as much as we do.
  3. Next I make sure that I have not changed a cleaner or soap or air freshener or whatever around the house. And while they are having a problem I try to minimize the use of any chemical items.
  4. Then I use some of the treatment options like the Coconut Oil, Baking Soda, and Aloe Vera to help with the itching and rash.
  5. And I looked for evidence of tick and flea bites more closely than usual and did so daily to see if there was an infestation going on.
  6. Now all of this usually worked and in a few weeks the problem seemed to go away.
  7. Unfortunately it did not stay away and the same thing kept occurring periodically. This was unacceptable for me and a big problem for my dog.

This led me to do a lot of research on the internet and I discovered that this kind of problem was likely based in a weakened immune system.

With all that I thought I was doing right for my dog, it was not all that was needed.

Eventually, I found out that Dr. Josling just happened to have a number of products that would fit what I thought I needed to have to fix the problem.

1 - First there was a natural herbal product called AlliPaws that was designed just for pets and used the power of garlic in a unique and special formulation.

One of the properties of garlic is that it boosted the immune system in a positive way. That was sounding good to me and would help against any type of bacteria or virus that might be present.

Also, garlic was effective against parasites, so that covered worms and such. Even better I thought.

Then, a real benefit -  garlic was hated by ticks and fleas. Wow, now that was a real light bulb moment. No more chemical dog collars for my pet. I hated when I put one on as I knew that for the next 1 to 2 weeks my pet would be drooping and lack energy and be really out of it. All a result of the chemical poison in the dog collar. But there was no other option that I knew of and I wanted to provide as much protection against the fleas and ticks as I could – so I just ground my teeth and did it anyway.

But I no longer had to do that with this new product and have not used one since. And guess what – there has not been a tick or flea in sight since!

2 - Dr. Josling had a product called Beyond Greens that was totally natural and even organic! This was a combination of a bunch of plants and provided all their nutrition in a easy to use capsule. This covered the addition of the extra vitamins and minerals and trace elements that I wanted.

3 - Then there was Dr. Josling’s product called AlliGEL which was a combination of the garlic extract and aloe vera. This was perfect as I wanted the Aloe to soothe the skin rash and ease the dryness and the garlic would address any infection that may be there too.

So, there it was all in one place – everything that I needed to combat the rash and the itching.

I got everything, which cost me a lot less than going to my vet for just one visit! Istarted using it all on my dog, and guess what, after just a few days I could see a great improvement. It was about 2 weeks and everything was cleared up – no more rash, no more itching.

Today, I use the AlliPaws and the Beyond Greens on a daily basis and I can say that since I started doing so, I have not had any more problems.

Occasionally I find a scratch or irritation but it goes right away with the AlliGEL.

There are no more ticks or fleas to be found no matter how bad they get for others in my neighborhood. I tell everyone about this and some have listened and many others still keep on doing what they have done and dealing with all the same issues over and over.

My pet is healthier than they have ever been, have more energy, love to play, and I never, ever have to worry that they may be bringing back a tick or flea into my house that may try to have dinner on ME!

Now that is a great feeling! And it is even better knowing that I have as healthy a pet as possible.

Please take a look at Dr. Josling’s products and decide for yourself if you want your pet to be hail and healthy and happy too.

Then you will not be asking or anyone else "My Dog won’t stop itching he has a rash all over".



Dr. Josling's Allicin Center

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