My Heart Attack – Part 4

My Heart Attack - Part 4 - Where I am now and some thoughts on what I am trying to do.

Well, it has been a long time getting to this part. Sorry about that, I have keep meaning to write more but it just seemed that other things got in the way. But I finally decided that I really had to let everyone know just what has happened to me in the meantime.

So, here goes.

It has been about 6 months since my last blog and I am somewhat better. It has been and is a very slow recovery for myself and I am still not anywhere near where I was prior to having my heart attack.

I still feel that my decision to NOT take the drug was a good one. Another neighbor who also had a heart attack around the same time as myself, has just been admitted to the hospital. They have been taking all the prescribed drugs much like myself by the way.

Seems as if their gallbladder and liver are not doing well. They have an infection, and are so thin that the doctors are saying they will have to put some weight on them before they can even think about surgery to remove the infected gallbladder. Also, they have intestinal problems. They are doing ok under the circumstances, but are quite ill and the outcome is not at all certain.

Now, while I can not say with certainty, my feeling is strongly leaning toward the fact that they have been taking all the drugs that I choose not to take. I am wondering just how much they are contributing to the problems they now have and did these drugs in some way cause the gallbladder and liver problems? Checking for blood and liver problems is one of the main things your are cautioned about on a number of the heart drugs they usually put everyone on – so to me it makes sense.

I really hope that they will be ok, but only time will tell on that.

As to myself, some good, some not as good results.

Overall I have gained more strength and can now at least fix something to eat and do the dishes without having to sit down 2 or three times. But am I back to where I was, unfortunately the answer to that is NO.

I still have much less strength and stamina to do much of anything. I have been struggling with an on-going congestion in my chest that seems to be mostly on my left side to sometimes all across my chest.

I do not know what causes it, my doctor is at a loss to say what it is too. I have had x-rays and my lungs show clear. My doctor says that the left side that bothers me the most seems to be the most clear when he listens to my lungs. I find that really odd as that is the side that gives me the most problems.

Likely related to this problem is my sinuses. They tend to run a lot and although I have always had problems with them, it is worse since my heart attack. And for whatever reason, it gets a lot worse when I go outside for even a couple of minutes.

Most days I can feel the tightness and heaviness in my chest and just have to live with it. It clears up and then comes back again over and over. I have found that taking Vit. C and Vit. D and B complex actually does help.

Recently I have seen articles about the benefits of Vit. D with infection and I know it makes me feel better – so I am wondering if there could be a low grade infection somehow related to the fact that my left side lung was not drained in the hospital and the right was. The right lung has felt and still feels fine 99% of the time. I will discuss this with my doctor at my next appointment and see what they think. I certainly hope that some answer is available on that as I would like it to change if possible.

I am trying to improve my diet although it is hard to do. I know that I need more fresh foods especially vegetables and fruits, but honestly it is still hard to cook very much. So, I am in  a catch 22 where I know I need this, but don’t have the energy to do as much with it as I really should. But I am working on it and slowly improving.

I am taking it one day at at time. That is something that has really changed. Before, I would worry about tomorrow, next week, even next month. I have done that my whole life. Since the heart attack, I have discovered that each day is what I need to be concerned about – as each day is a gift and there is not certainty of a tomorrow coming.

So, make the most of the day you have and let tomorrow take care of itself when it arrives. Since I have started to do that, I am a lot calmer and happier and have wondered why it has taken me 60 years and a heart attack to figure this one out.

Please take a clue from me, and do not let it take you 60 years to realize today is really all you have.

I am researching more natural items to help my health and heart. And I will be implementing things as I can. There are a number of avenues that really seem promising and I am hopeful that I can really get something done in a positive way without the drugs.

I will let you know as best I can on what I find out and I hope that some of what has happened to me and what I have said may help someone else out there.

Do listen to your doctor, and remember that everyone of us is different. What I did or do may or may not be exactly what someone else needs for them. We are all different in our persons and circumstances and need to always keep that in mind.

I would strongly urge you to talk to your doctor and if they will not talk to you or work with you, then find one that will. It is the rest of your life that we are talking about and you need to be actively involved with it – not just a bystander that does what the doctor says blindly.

I am thankful that the medications were there, as was the doctors and procedures – they save my life and that is what western medicine does best  – handling an emergency health crisis – but as to long term and solving problems – let’s just say that there is certainly a long way to go in that area and I strongly feel that a blending of natural medicine and ancient wisdom with modern medicine is the way to go.

End of Part 4 of My Heart Attack

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