My Heart Attack – Part 5 Update


 The Heart and My Heart Attack Update


Well, here it is several months since I updated my status. I mentioned that I was going to look at more of the alternative therapy’s and I have tried to do so.

I have actually found some things that do seem to help me and I will pass this on to everyone so that you can decide if this is something that you may want to try. I make no claims or guarantees of the usefulness or effectiveness of any of these Items and I am not a professional in any way. You are responsible for any decision and their use.

Ok, now that is out of the way, the main thing I have found to help me out has been a product from Dr. Josling called Heartfast. It is a combination of different ingredients  which have been put together to help out the heart.

There is now a new F R E E trial offer available where you can try a full bottle of the product for just the cost of the shipping to you. That makes it really easy to do and see if you can get something out of this.

Since this is only a single month’s supply, you will have to pay very close attention to yourself to gauge your responses to this product. I personally took more than 30 days to see a lot of difference, but then I was not paying a great deal of attention, so I can not be sure of just when things got better for me.

Personally, I found that my heart felt stronger, I did not have as many "skipped beats" as I did, I generally felt that my heart was straining less and felt less "heavy" which was something I had since the heart attack.

Another item is that I have found my O2 level to have  gotten higher on average. Before the HeartFast, my O2 level at the doctors office was between 92% and 94%. Both I and my doctor were not unhappy with that level. I have been taking the HeartFast now since December of 2010 right after my article, and my O2 reading at the doctors has climbed up to 97% to 98% – that is about as good as it gets as I understand it and is very good for a heart patient.

That is likely one reason that I feel a lot more energetic and can do a lot more than I could back then. There have been other things that I have done too, but I do feel that the HeartFast is a major contributor to the changes that I have had.

I hope that is might be as helpful to you as it has been for me. I highly recommend that you give it a try with the trial and go from there. Be sure to check with your doctor first in case there may be an issue with you personally.

If you would like the trial then you can get there from this link:

HeartFast Month’s Trial You Only Pay Shipping


Other things that I am doing include upping my level of Vit. D to 10,000 units a day, adding B Complex, Calcium Complex, Super food Supplement, Vit. C 3,000 units a day, Vit. E 400 a day, Kelp Tablets, Nician Tabs too.

I am trying to watch my diet and eat a healthy as I can and staying away from the cooking oils like I used to use – I use only Olive Oil now. I still use natural butter and will not use any type of margarine at all.

Other things I am looking at is seeing about "sprouting" and getting the nutritional benefits that can provide.

All in all I am not unhappy with where I am now. I would like and still intend to get still better, but I may not be able to ever gain back what I have lost. I did have a pretty sever heart attack with 40% damage done to my heart. But what I am aiming for is to be able to just do what I want and live comfortably and not have to struggle to simply fix my dinner and do the dishes. That was where I was at when I came home from the hospital after my surgery and the stint implant.

I can tell you that I do not want to ever go back to that again. It was the most miserable year of my life and even though I knew I could be doing better with my health, I allowed living to get in the way and just did not get around to doing some of the things that I knew that I should be doing.

I hope my story will help someone else out and let you NOT have to go through what I did.

And I am a stubborn guy – I did not and will not take the "standard medications" that the cardiologist recommends. The only thing I did take was the Plavix at first to keep the stint from clotting up again. And I did try the meds at first, but the side effects were awful and I did a LOT of research on everything and concluded that these drugs were not for me at all. Frankly, I wondered if the cardiologist had actually looked at a lot of the information. Let me tell you it is scary with the long list of know side effects that they even mention!

Several of the people I know, have done just that and they had their attacks about the same time that I did and they are NOT doing better as far as I can see. In fact, the one person has had another heart attack since the first one, sad to say.

I encourage everyone to talk to your doctor and do your own research on the medications. For me, the possible benefits did not outweigh the negatives that I saw – but everyone is different and everyone has different things to consider. You have to make up your own mind as to what is best and work with your doctor. My doctor would do that, but my cardiologist would not. So I don’t have a cardiologist and don’t want one as the only thing they wanted to do was to put me on all sorts of meds and refused to even listen to me at all on anything. So they got kicked to the curb – I am the patient and the doctor is supposed to listen to me and not simply dictate to me what I have to do – they might think it is a dictatorship but they are mistaken!

I wish you all the best in whatever you decide to do!


ONCE AGAIN – If you would like the trial then you can get there from this link:

HeartFast Month’s Trial You Only Pay Shipping




Dr. Josling's Allicin Center

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