Naturally Protect Yourself From Nuclear Radiation

Radiation Danger From Nuclear Power

The horrible aftermath of the earthquake in Japan is being compounded daily by the on-going release of radiation from the damaged nuclear reactors into the food and water supply and even more into the ocean in Japan.

The Japan authorities are dumping thousands of tons of unbelievably radioactive water into the ocean daily and that is going to circle the globe in the ocean currents which eventually will get back into the air and on land through storms. The reactors are still spewing out continuos clouds of radiation that are going into the jet stream and being carried around the world exposing all of us to radiation.

While the levels MAY be low by the time it gets to the different areas around the planet, and that is a debatable question, the fact that this is looking to be an on-going and ever increasing radiation exposure is the real problem and one that everyone on this planet will be dealing with for decades to come.

We can not avoid exposure short of going to a fallout shelter and staying there for the next century – not too practical for most of us. So, what we all have to do is first understand just how critical and dangerous this is, become informed as best you can, and do what you can to help protect yourself.

There are natural ways that the body attempts to remove damaging items, even radiation, and all we can do is to try and help our body by supporting it with the right items.

The simple principles of detoxification are simple and have basically three pathways.

The most important is chelation which is the binding of metals and other toxins in the body so that the body can then remove them.

Next is to help the body’s natural methods of detoxification by supporting your body with the right items.

And lastly is to be sure you have and take all the needed antioxidants which will search out and remove free radicals  created by oxidative damage that are in your body. This is easily done with supplements and will greatly help your body to remove radiation toxicity.

Here are some things that you can do.

Cleation is done with one or more of several supplements easily found at your local health food store.

First is Chlorella, a green algae, and Spirulina, a blue-green algae which is high in chlorophyll and other nutrients that can bind toxic compounds in your gut to be eliminated. These are used as a chelating agents for heavy metals and other toxic agents.

Also there is Laminaria, a brown seaweed that contains sodium alginate which is shown to chelate heavy metals and is used to treat radiation sickness.

Another is modified citrus pectin that in clinical studies has demonstrated the ability to remove heavy metals including lead, mercury, arsenic and more. There molecular structure is such as they attract and then trap radioactive metals allowing the body to then eliminate them. A typical dosage is 5 gm of the power a day.

Zeolite is a natural mineral whos crystalline structure traps metals. It is actually able to remove depleted uranium in the body. Its dosage is also about 5 gm of powder a day.

Your body has a natural chelating agent that is called metallothienein (MT). This is a protein that binds to toxic metals and then the body takes them to the liver or kidney to be excreted. In addition, MT prevents toxic metals from reacting with other molecules in the body. Doing so will prevent them from becoming toxic in your body. The MT production in your body can be encouraged when you take different botanical and nutritional supplements such as Humulus (hops) and Andrographis and zinc. They all will help regulate the genes associated with MT production in the body.

Another antioxident is Glutathohine, the body’s primary antioxidant. It actually can be produced by every cell in your body, but your liver is the primary source of Glutahothione. Glutathione can break down carcinogens and heavy metals. Different supplements like N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) and alpha lipoic acid will support glutahione production. To increase your glutathione production you would use a reduced, liposonal glutathione supplement.

Milk thistle supports your liver cell synthesis and promotes glutahione production. You can also take the active ingreedient in Milk Thistle called sylimarin.

An important part of detoxification is the small intestine. So supporting the small intestine, which is the first line of defense in our immune system, is an important thing to do.  L-glutamine, an amino acid, protects the small intestine lining from radiation damage. Probiotics and prebiotics will help maintain a healthy intestinal lining. Probiotics comonally used are lactobacilli and bifidobacteria. Prebiotics used are arabinogalactan, beta glucans and inulin.

While you support your body’s own antioxidant production, you can also use supplements to give additional support. Supplements you can use include vitamin C, coenzyme Q10, grape seed extract (or resveratrol), astaxanthin (from krill or other sources), beta-carotene. Also, many fruits and vegetables provide very significant amounts of antioxidants especially those with a red, orange, or purple color.

The old adage that says dark colored foods are good for you seems to be right on the mark.

All this boils down to you just supporting your own body’s detoxifying mechanisms by taking reduced glutathione or its precursor N-acetylcysteine, humulus, or milk thistle.

Support your small intestine function to remove heavy metals with L-glutamine, probiotics and prebiotics.

Increase your antioxidant intake with fruits, vegetables, and supplement with Vitamin C, CoQ10, grape seed extracts, krill or whatever else you feel good about.

You can find other products at your local health food store or on the internet that may help also.

Do follow the recommended dosage instruction. What has been mentioned here have no toxicity, so you should not have any problems with overdosing. But do consult a health professional about what you are doing to be safe.

Generally for your kids, a dose of one-third to one-half of your adult dose would be correct depending on their body weight.

Much of this information is by Randall Neustaedter OMD.  And we are passing this along to our readers to help inform and be able to protect yourselves.

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