New AlliPaws From Dr. Josling Brings Natural Healing to Our “other family members”


 Our Family Pets


Dr. Peter Josling who has a fantastic natural product line now has a product designed just for our "other family members" – our Pets.

Just as his products work so well for us, now we can offer the same benifits to our pets with something that is made just for them.

You can read more about how it has worked for my pet in the article

Fleas And Ticks Are More Than Just A Nuisance


You will find it very interesting I think, but we also have a live conference call where Dr. Josling talks about the AlliPaws and also gets questions at the end about how some of his other products work for the pets.

Hopefully this will give you a better understanding of just how significant his products can impact both you, your family and your pets can be.

It is only available from Dr. Joslings Center linked below as one of our sponsors.

We do promote his products as they work for my family and have been a real life saver for us over the years.

Here is the call on the Allipaws: 

Listen to "Dr.




Dr. Josling's Allicin Center

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