New Study Finding Superbugs Like MRSA Being Spread By Cancer Screenings


Superbugs spreading because of invasive cancer screenings new report says.


The specter of the BIG C is something we all have on our minds. It seems as if there is no one that is not touched by its influence because we have a family member or someone we know who is dealing with it in some form.

Now a new study found in the Journal of Urology is warning us about a recently recognized danger that is associated with cancer screenings – the spread of deadly "superbugs". Germs that are resistant to most forms of conventional medical treatment such as antibiotics. Some of the superbug strains are not touched by anything in the medical arsenal.

According to this new report Biopsies, Prostate-specific Antigen (PSA) tests, and other types of invasive cancer screening and procedures are a direct cause of serious infections including MRSA ones. Many of these infections lead to serious long term consequences or even death.


In recent years there have been dozens of studies that have shown that not only are many conventional cancer screening methods ineffective and inaccurate, but the actually may cause more harm than good for the patient.

The number of infections alone that prostate biopsies have caused is double from what it was 10 years ago.  About 50,000 American men develop infections from prostate biopsies every single year and nine out of every 10,000 men that have a negative biopsy end up dying because of complications caused the biopsy itself.

Back in 2004 a study put out by the John Wayne Cancer institute of California showed that needle biopsies, the most common of the screening methods used to detect prostate cancer, actually INCREASED the chance that your cancer would spread by about 50%! Saying you had cancer of course.

So having a biopsy is really taking a chance and leaving it up to fate with the odds stacked against you already. Not a great choice of options.

There have been other studies that have shown that colon and breast cancer screenings are doing more harm than good for a lot of patients.

It was a U.S. Preventive Services Task Force that discovered that colon cancer screenings were putting patients lives at risk. This was more true for elderly individuals as they are generally more prone to complications brought on when an accidental puncture occurs during a colon probe for cancer.

Additionally, mammograms have routinely given false images for benign tumors and shown them to be cancerous, but they also increase a woman’s risk of getting breast cancer with the high levels of radiation needed to get the scan. The recommendation of who should get a mammogram and at what age a mammogram should be done has been re-evaluated reducing the total number of lifetime scans and raising the age as to when they should be given.

With this information in the new study and all the other information about screening tests having questionable benefits or being actually harmful, the question that arises is just WHY does the medical establishment continue to push cancer screenings onto the public?

Well, that is not a hard question to answer. Consider that just breast screenings alone take in about $4,000,000,000 (that’s Billion) dollars each year for the cancer industry. Now add in the extra expense for follow-up sugery, doctors visits and other procedures done because of a "false alarm" breast mammogram and you get the picture.

All together screening revenues have toped over $70 BILLION in the last 10 years. That is a very large hunk of change that the cancer industry would like to continue receiving. This is BIG money but the only thing for most of the patients is that it drains their bank account and does little to keep them healthy.

Now that is not to say that in some cases screenings are appropriate and even needed, they are – but the degree that they are used by the medical profession is out of line with their  need and it is a practice that need to be looked at a lot closer.

Your best preventative against getting cancer involves nutrition, lifestyle and the vast array of anti-cancer nutrients and super foods that are available. They can really help and will make you feel better too.

One natural alternative that has a lot of impressive information on helping to get rid of MRSA Superbug infections is Dr. Josling’s Alligin and AlliGEL products. There are a number of studies you can look at and an E-book that gives you good information. You might want to visit his website and take a look. This MRSA treatmen pretty easy to do.

There are other good items that can help too, such as colloidal silver, essential oils, certain types of honey and others. Mother Nature has provided us with a host of options – all of which may be a lot better than an invasive procedure that may make us sicker and even kill us.



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