Newly Deregulated GMO Corn – A Disaster In The Making!

GM Fuel Corn - Disaster In The Making For the World!

In a further move away from rational thinking and consideration for consequences, The USDA Secretary, Tom Vilsack, has just announced the total deregulation of genetically engineered corn used for ethanol production – bio-fuel.

Frankly, my personal opinion is that the man is seriously deranged or totally bought and owned by the GMO companies and he has zero interest in protecting anything except corporate profits and his future job after leaving the government.

This decision on top of the one to now completely deregulate GM Alfalfa despite his own agency’s report that there will be widespread cross-contamination likely to cause damage to native species! Does this man not bother to listen to his own employees?

On top of this, GMO crops have already demonstrated that they are not good for animals or people! Studies are showing that they damage our genetic structure, impair our immune system and may lead to long-term chronic illness. It is already known that you can only feed GMO crops to food animals for a certain length of time – after that they get sick and die!

The USDA was forced to produce an environmental study by the courts and halted the expansion of the GMO alfalfa until it was done. But secretary Vilsack has decided that he knows more than his own staff and scientists and plowed ahead full bore as now GMO alfalfa has NO RESTRICTIONS on its use as a directive from him!

Now he wants to do the very same thing to GMO corn used to produce ethanol. The very concept of this is totally junk science and utterly absurd and in NO WAY a viable use of our corn supply.

The "idea" sounds good, fuel is expensive and so why not use our abundant crop lands to produce a fuel that can be done domestically.

The fallacy in all of this is that it is impossible to do. The production of the corn into ethanol consumes MORE fuel than can be produced.

Here then is the "public spin" on this insane decision as this GMO corn is supposed to improving the efficiency and make it more viable.

Well, frankly, under even the most optimistic of estimates it still CAN NOT WORK. The claim is simply scientifically invalid on so many levels.

We are in an era of rapidly rising food prices where drops are failing to weather and food stockpiles have been depleted. The idea of taking up to 1/2 of our producing crop land and using it to produce ethanol is simply nuts.

On top of that, IF this is allowed to go through, our entire corn industry will be at serious risk. WHY – for a very simple reason. Many of the nations of the world are not as stupid as we are. They are refusing to import any GMO corn to contaminate their native crops.

What this means is that before long, due to the wind, weather and whatever, every corn crop in this country will become contaminated by GMO genes and hence we will have nowhere to sell our corn crop to because no one will want to purchase it!

Additionally besides GM Corn, we have GM Sugar Beets, GE Alfalfa, GE cotton, GE soy and it looks as if Monsanto is placing all of us in a vast grand and dangerous experiment by playing God with our natural environment and food seeds. And this is being done without my permission or the permission of any one else that I know.

We will all be subject to GM corn because there will be no "real" corn varieties left anymore – everything will be genetically contaminated with what consequences no one can say and certainly are not doing any studies on to find out.

There is HUGE opposition to this, yet all our efforts seem to fall on deaf ears including our representatives. And even when small victories are achieved such as the court ruling that forced the USDA to produce an impact statement – that does no good because the USDA secretary ignores their own findings and does what he (actually the GMO industry) wants regardless.

By this I am talking about the first study the USDA produced, but they produced a second one which was based on data provided by companies who work with and profit from Monsanto. And according to some used poor science, old data, and ignored current evidence of actual instances of cross-contamination from farmers themselves.

Jusy why, well corporate profits come first to mind, but with this level of  manipulation in our government, what else is going on?

Oh, and of course this decision was made under the guise of "science". Apparently Mr. Vilsack’s version of science and scientific analysis and objective must have come from another universe because is bears no relation whatsoever to any science that I learned in school.

I guess I’m right on that as it is being demonstrated over and over again in the pseudo-science reports and articles being put out by this entire industry and our government.

They and their claims concerning the supposed "safety" of genetically engineered crops are labeled as "scientific" but if you should dare to question them at all then you are labeled as "unscientific".

You would be laughing yourself off your chair if you hear a comedian say this and it actually would be funny, but to have the USDA itself, USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack, mainstream media and other proponents of GMO crops put this out there as "fact" is not the least bit funny. It is frightening!

In fact this seems to be a trend across all of our government and in the mainstream media. If you don’t agree, well then you must be a fringe element, a radical, and certainly unscientific. Does anyone remember just how the process of sizing power began in Germany before the war? If not, due yourself a favor and go read some history. The parallels to what is currently happening will send cold shivers down your back.

Frankly, we need to be much more vocal on these types of issues and start questioning the very people who are supposed to be helping protect us and watch over our interests.

Take a look at just when this happened. The announcement of the deregulation of GM alfalfa on Jan. 27, came only one week after Secretary Tom Vilsack testified before the House Committee on Agriculture.

There committee members "pressed" Vilsack to fully deregulate the GMO Alfalfa and reject the proposed compromise to geographically isolate it from traditional alfalfa. While this may have slowed down the gene transfer, it still will take place but it could buy time to continue the fight.

The committee chairman, Frank Lucas (R-Oklahoma), received $11,000 to his 2010 and during his political career has received $1,247,844 from the agribusiness industry!

Does this seem odd to you? Well, this is business as usual for Washington in today’s world.

If we don’t change what we are doing, we may not be around much longer as a species to do anything at all.

Think about that.

In the meantime, the best we can do is to protect our immune systems as best we can. Eat good fresh food from local sources, supplement with good quality vitamins and minerals, take immune boosting supplements and natural products that help protect us from invading pathogens. You can find some of these from Dr. Josling. Check it out for yourself and decide what is best for you.

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